It sat in a holiday bag

Hidden in a corner of the room

Collecting dust

Unsure of its status

A gift given to another from someone she despised

I took it out one day with its tags still on

The colors bright and bold

Much like myself

I gave it a wash to cleanse it of bad karma                  

In due time the intended passed it on to me


Its pinks and purples capture my face

Drape my body in brazen confidence

Captivating in black tights

I am a sexy bitch

A provocateur

Defiant in the face of the vapid vamp

Yeah bitch you bought it

And now it’s mine


I am a tangible tasty power

Unstoppable in my cape of fetching femininity

Unconquerable to attempts at intimidation

This cloth of steel will bring you to heel

Empowering hues

A fiery fuse

Freedom Forever

That’s my muse

Almost Morrow

I Fear the Night (TSO) (1)

Dawn breaks late night comes much too soon

Warmth is hard to find chill gives me no peace of mind

I awaken and run under the light of the moon

Leaves crackle and needles slide beneath my feet

Each mile I feel the coming heat

I am alone with nothing but my shadow

My breathing is rapid and shallow

I sense them: the creatures of the night

Not seen it is their scent I glean

My mind is alert as my legs continue to hurt

Gobble, Howl, Whisper, Bark

These are the sounds of the morning’s dark

#FWF Free Write Friday: Do You Fear the Night?

free write friday kellie elmore

Many thanks to Mark Schutter for once again hosting Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday!

Midnight Angst


Last night I was awakened

By the piercing sound of the coyotes’ call

And my own sweat drenched skin

Fear and loathing in the blackness

Restless as the night sounds invade

Their howls are wildly harmonious

As I throw the damp covers off

Letting the night air cool my heat

The creatures seem to sing beneath my window

Monstrously loud under the hunter’s moon

My body disobeys me, a stranger to my soul

Howling in its flashes of humidity

It falls into a nightly imbalance

A  disjointed discord

Void of rhythm and its bold beat

I leave my rest to amble in the air

Deeply breathing its frosty scent

A witness to the noir heavens

I offer myself to the divine’s fiery orbs

Boldly stepping, never fearing

My nocturnal companions

Whose silence is as loud as their songs

Blood Moon

Hunter's Moon

Stalked Chased Hunted

    Ground cracking beneath her feet

            Air heated and misted

Body tormented and twisted

Her breath lowly humming

Her predator is drumming

Traced Tracked Shadowed

She knows he is coming

Must she keep running?

His pursuit is impassioned

Hewn by lunar crimson splendor

He wants but to love her

Not place himself above her

Their hearts are afire

Yearning deep desire

He draws himself closer

Near enough to reach out and touch her

Captured by her radiance

A magenta maiden

A ruby fruit jungle

Her heat a vermillion feast

Seized Surrendered Suppressed

He lays his head low in defeat



#FWF Free Write Friday: Image Prompt With Guest Host Mark Schutter

Mid-Week Meditation


Darkness at day’s awakening lengthening

The sun a sleepy, slumbering star

I open the door to feel the air

Breathing deeply, my morning amble begins

I sense cool cucumbers, warm butter, fermenting leaves

The morning gray kisses my skin with its dusky dampness

Cloaked in the void, my mind a jumble of thoughts

I let them in and out at their own will

I beckon Mother Nature to grace me with her daily rise

Relenting, she presents me with peach fuzz puffy skies

Autumns’ Awning


The half-moon’s light bathes my window

Promising the season’s first frost

The night is deeply still

Reverently quiet

The crickets’ and peepers’

hums and murmurs dormant

Squirrels, black and gray

have fattened up for another day

Wind whispers and whirls

Leaves tumble and twirl

Needles of the pine carpet

The drive and front hill

A warm slick cushion

against the hardness and the coming chill

The back forty cut one last time

Laid bare in verdant green and burnished gold

October: an integrated season

            Deep reds

            Fiery oranges

            Bursting yellows

        Beauty’s last breath

As the purgatory of November

descends too soon

Swimming With The Fishes


At first it felt as if his lungs were going to burst. He had never held his breathe this long , the depth of this dive seemed endless, the water a black hole of nothingness. His eyes were hurting from the strain and he was beginning to doubt he would ever find it in the infinite murkiness.

Suddenly and without a hint of warning, he saw a light. He swiftly swam toward it, not noticing that his breathing was somehow eased as he approached the whiteness.  Oddly, he found himself ascending. He was no longer in control of his body as the water transformed from a deep indigo into a soothing hue of turquoise.

A great heave of water pushed him up, and there he was, on some sandy, sunny, heated island-alone.  He had not expected this- a wave of panic rushed at him. All he wanted to was to find the key and hand it over to Jacko. Then the hounds of debt would stop nipping at his heals.

Now what was he to do?  He got off his knees and slowly walked to a shady area. He lay down under the cool canopy and fell into a deep sleep.

Days later, he made front page news. A fishing vessel had recovered a body in one of their tuna nets. Naked, except for a chain wrapped around his left ankle. Tethered to the other end was a concrete block.

  free write friday kellie elmore

Wonderful Kellie Elmore supplied us with 2 prompts this week! The above image came from her.