Almost Morrow

I Fear the Night (TSO) (1)

Dawn breaks late night comes much too soon

Warmth is hard to find chill gives me no peace of mind

I awaken and run under the light of the moon

Leaves crackle and needles slide beneath my feet

Each mile I feel the coming heat

I am alone with nothing but my shadow

My breathing is rapid and shallow

I sense them: the creatures of the night

Not seen it is their scent I glean

My mind is alert as my legs continue to hurt

Gobble, Howl, Whisper, Bark

These are the sounds of the morning’s dark

#FWF Free Write Friday: Do You Fear the Night?

free write friday kellie elmore

Many thanks to Mark Schutter for once again hosting Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday!

18 thoughts on “Almost Morrow

  1. I love the last words – the mornings dark! What a vivid image that evokes for me. Kim this is very nicely done, I could feel the emotion! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Sometimes it is a bit scary out there. Two weeks ago, I had two coyotes cross my path. Woo! That put me on high alert! Never mind the deer whom I regular encounter. One morning, a young doe was crossing as I was in the last mile or so of my run. She stopped in the middle of the road trying to decide whether to keep going on her course or return from whence she came. We had a staring contest for a minute or longer before she decided to move on!

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