It sat in a holiday bag

Hidden in a corner of the room

Collecting dust

Unsure of its status

A gift given to another from someone she despised

I took it out one day with its tags still on

The colors bright and bold

Much like myself

I gave it a wash to cleanse it of bad karma                  

In due time the intended passed it on to me


Its pinks and purples capture my face

Drape my body in brazen confidence

Captivating in black tights

I am a sexy bitch

A provocateur

Defiant in the face of the vapid vamp

Yeah bitch you bought it

And now it’s mine


I am a tangible tasty power

Unstoppable in my cape of fetching femininity

Unconquerable to attempts at intimidation

This cloth of steel will bring you to heel

Empowering hues

A fiery fuse

Freedom Forever

That’s my muse

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