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Happy Friday!

The blog is taking a  week long  respite to  head for the mountains and roaring ocean for some much needed rest and relaxation with my fiance’. I will not avail myself of any technology during the trip short of my very outdated cell phone (in case of emergency). I will, however, bring my writer’s notebook and many books! The list includes Kellie Elmore’s  Magic in the Backyard and Francis Guenette’s Disappearing in Plain Sight !!

In the meantime I am republishing a post from October. Those who joined my following after March will find it timely I hope!

Solstice Walk

Summer Solstice

Then followed that beautiful season…Summer.

Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Slipping out of work day clothes

into shorts, sleeveless and sneakers

The stroll through the lush streets commences

The sun’s heat sinking into my exposed skin

Surrounded by summer sounds

Singing of tots on the swings

Smells of freshly sown grass

Visions of deep blue contrast with endless glaze of green

Slowly exhaustion gives way to serenity

I ascend towards the sounds of the clock tower bell

serenading us with its medley of silvery songs

I am in the midst of stones both ancient and unseasoned

The souls gather their dust in the soil

Lives well-lived

Basking beneath a daytime star

A perfect Free Write Friday prompt from Kellie Elmore today!

The Mat

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An island of respite and renewal

                Breathing in and out

Stretching limbs and opening  heart

               Tonight I embrace Down Dog

Ankles, Calves and Tendons

Express relief

               I am inverted

Straight Back

              Forward Bend

Rise Up to Sun A

                Bend and Breathe

Breathe and Bend

                Down Dolphin

Hold, Hold Hold

          Child’s Pose

Hero for those toes

            Warrior One

Crescent Lunge

            My Body Sighs

Wants Its Rest

           I Curl Up on my Right Side

The Night Air Cools

                     My Very Being

and Sings Its Song of Sweet Sleep

A Father’s Day Story

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Hello my friends!  Since it is Father’s Day, I thought I would republish a post that I wrote for my dad on his birthday last September. Fathers sometimes get a bad rap these days but I know quite a few men who know and understand what it takes to be a good dad.  This post is dedicated to them.

Here’s the link:

Love in the Dust

Photo by Matt Black - The Dispossession - A couple outside their shanty

Photo Credit: Matt Black (

We take refuge in each others arms
From the heat, from the fields
Where we toil and labor
We pick day and night
For meager wages
We feed you
But barely feed ourselves
Our houses are scraps
No water, no stove
We hold onto each other
In hope, in prayer
As we dream
A full belly
A warm meal
A quench for our thirst
This week’s prompt from Kellie Elmore( came via Tom Clark ( who featured photos from photographer Matt Black from his series entitled: Dispossessed
This is powerful imagery that should give us all pause for thought.

Gray Comfort

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Softly simmering


       Pitter-pattering outside my window

             Creating a calming comfort

                        A  Hush

        The cool, damp air envelops me as I lay down to rest

        Cars drive up the road, their tires whirling in the wetness

                        The rain is my lullaby

         Its voice sings me to sleep in its tranquil descent

               Outside, the night is meditating

                      Finding its drishte

Clearing the detritus of the day in the clarity of a blind mist

A First Memory

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When I was a kid, we owned various models of black and white televisions over the years. In fact, we never had a color television until the last black and white one died.  My father always fixed the television on the kitchen table when the tubes blew and then it was back to business!  One of those crusty old models stands out in my mind quite well. It was tall and brown- a laminated wood sort of look-and it stood on four legs. The screen-when not on-was a murky green.

So there I was one night back in 1965, sitting on the floor with my trusty yellow blanket  and my footie pajamas watching the Art Linkletter Show. My mom was in the kitchen and my brother was elsewhere in our tiny ranch house. I was four years old and a very happy camper until suddenly the screen went blank and the house was encased in total darkness. Needless to say, I completely freaked out and ran to get my mom, leaving my blanket behind.  A second panic ensued once I did because I thought I lost my blanket! ( I totally identify with Linus, by the way). When I finally settled down, we found my brother, some candles and a flashlight.  My younger brother did not seem at all bothered by the turn of events. In fact, he appeared oblivious to the situation while I was totally anxious. My mother sat us down at the kitchen table by candlelight and served us some butterscotch pudding. I had no appetite so my little bro helped himself to a second serving with great relish. I am not sure if I was worried because we were in the dark or because I had nearly lost my precious blanket!  In any case, there was really nothing we could do so my mom sent us all (including herself) to bed. I was having none of sleeping by myself so my mom put me in with my brother in his bed ( we both had full sized) and then she joined us in the middle. I still was not satisfied and insisted that we keep the flashlight on. I can still picture it now: the three of us snug in the big bed with the big black flashlight standing upright on my brothers dresser-a beacon of hope and comfort.

(This early recollection was an actual event: The Great Blackout of 1965.)

Many thanks once again to Kellie Elmore who always has a way for us to show our creative selves at their best.

Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty: The Model Community Look Book

Does beauty lie only in the images found in the media? Do you feel beautiful or do you compete with a false image of what you “should” look like?
Please read Jennie Saia’s latest post on the subject! Together with the people in her community, she created an awe inspiring project on the subject which I hope will at least give us pause for thought!

Backyard Delight

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A heated May night

The sun has yet to set

Dragonflies bound and bounce in the humid air

Crickets begin to hum

Birds sing a ditty of dedication to the long light

Children are running about screeching and screaming

Freed from the confines of the dinner table

The sounds of motorcycles rumble and pop in the distance

                    A warm energy stirs out here

We are not ready to settle our bodies in for the night

Sleep may come quickly but will be fevered and restless

The humid air encompassing our bodies and breathe

So for now we just listen

Glorifying the season

Witness to Mother Nature and her Miracles

Last week we had an early and short-lived heat wave here. I wrote this in my backyard last Friday as the evening breeze blew in.