Gray Comfort

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Softly simmering


       Pitter-pattering outside my window

             Creating a calming comfort

                        A  Hush

        The cool, damp air envelops me as I lay down to rest

        Cars drive up the road, their tires whirling in the wetness

                        The rain is my lullaby

         Its voice sings me to sleep in its tranquil descent

               Outside, the night is meditating

                      Finding its drishte

Clearing the detritus of the day in the clarity of a blind mist

4 thoughts on “Gray Comfort

  1. We were just talking last night about loving the sound of the rain on the roof as we fell asleep. I love the last line – the detritus of the day and the clarity of the blind mist. Beautiful. And I love the graphic with the moving rain. Very nice.

    1. AAH Thank you!Funny, I had the same conversation yesterday morning with a colleague-some 2 hours after I published the poem! We’ve been sleeping well here as the weather has been more wet than usual I wrote the last line just before I nodded off in bed!

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