Love in the Dust

Photo by Matt Black - The Dispossession - A couple outside their shanty

Photo Credit: Matt Black (

We take refuge in each others arms
From the heat, from the fields
Where we toil and labor
We pick day and night
For meager wages
We feed you
But barely feed ourselves
Our houses are scraps
No water, no stove
We hold onto each other
In hope, in prayer
As we dream
A full belly
A warm meal
A quench for our thirst
This week’s prompt from Kellie Elmore( came via Tom Clark ( who featured photos from photographer Matt Black from his series entitled: Dispossessed
This is powerful imagery that should give us all pause for thought.

15 thoughts on “Love in the Dust

  1. I can believe how many of us chose this photograph – a narrative in itself.
    I like the fact that this poem concentrates on the simple wants. Many of us focussed on the love and the fact that this would over-ride the pain and poverty. You have gone straight in there.

  2. girlforgetful

    Interesting perspective on this photo, I saw something different. That makes this challenge interesting, doesn’t it? Nice work.

  3. This is the first one I clicked that chose this photograph. It was the one that I loved the most. Two people, caught in a trap of poverty and desolation, yet they cling to love. As it is the most important thing. Not “things”… and it’s what we take with us in the end. Thank you so much! I love it.

    *Please stop by and read today’s post. Bestselling author, Beth Albright is visiting us! Say hello!

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