A Change in Latititude

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So there I was enjoying the hot Florida sun, languishing with the post race crowd in the cool waters of a pool. I looked over to my left as a fellow runner (whom I met earlier at the race) walked in wearing a Red Sox cap and T-shirt. “Hey, where are you from?”, I shouted to him as he approached the water. I was surprise to learn that he had grown up in a town not too far from where I was currently living.  Before I knew it, he had climbed into the pool beside me. An immediate sense of ease came over me  as we began what turned into a 2 1/2 hour conversation.

I will spare you the details; they are not important. Suffice it to say that we each felt a shift occur. A connection. Certainly we were not the only ones to witness this event. Fellow runners and my own teenage sons were keen observers as well. My parents -especially my late mother-were thrilled to see me enjoy myself for a change. (I was in the midst of a nasty divorce, feeling drained and lost.) My mother sang this man’s praises later that evening, but I had no expectations.  After all, we lived very far from each other and I was still not legally divorced. Her reply was simple: “Well, you never know.”

And that’s right. You never do know. Pivotal changes can be subtle. They can be the beginnings of something new without any tangible or obvious or even immediate  changes. In my life, meeting the man I love helped me to return to myself. He did not come into my life to save me-that was up to me. He came into my life for many reasons not the least of which was to show me the profound sense of peace that deep love and commitment can bring.

We have been together nearly five years and will be married in a year and a half. My hard work raising my sons is done. I have given birth to myself once again. I will be moving away from a place that I have known all my life to embrace a newer culture and climate. I have never been more afraid and more ready.  Living out loud and truly free with a man who loves me for me.

Many thanks to Kelley Rose for hosting Kellie Elmore’s     Free Write Friday this week!

#FWF Free Write Friday: LIFE CHANGERS | with Guest Host Kelley Rose

20 thoughts on “A Change in Latititude

  1. Awwww an amazing, honest write. I had no idea until the end that it was this week’s FWF as I haven’t made it as far as Kellie’s blog yet. Wonderful. Hope filled. Life changing. I know deep down you know you are ready and that fear is a made up state. This is the beginning of a brand new adventure. It is right, and because it is right you needn’t worry about jumping in with both feet. The water is deep enough!
    Have a great weekend together.

      1. Awwww I like that ‘floating’ – now have a vision of you like one of those uber smiley 50’s swim starlets floating along, surrounded by huge water flowers 🙂

  2. Some times the new adventure is scary, but well worth the voyage. ” Living out loud and truly free with a man who loves me for me” is a beautiful ending to your story and the start of your “new” life.

    1. Thank you Oliana! It is true-we would not have met here had my life not under gone a major change. I am truly grateful for and cognizant of all the good things that have come from misery. Many, many doors opened for my sons and I as a result of their dad’s exit.

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