Midnight Angst

credit: lensblr.com

Last night I was awakened

By the piercing sound of the coyotes’ call

And my own sweat drenched skin

Fear and loathing in the blackness

Restless as the night sounds invade

Their howls are wildly harmonious

As I throw the damp covers off

Letting the night air cool my heat

The creatures seem to sing beneath my window

Monstrously loud under the hunter’s moon

My body disobeys me, a stranger to my soul

Howling in its flashes of humidity

It falls into a nightly imbalance

A  disjointed discord

Void of rhythm and its bold beat

I leave my rest to amble in the air

Deeply breathing its frosty scent

A witness to the noir heavens

I offer myself to the divine’s fiery orbs

Boldly stepping, never fearing

My nocturnal companions

Whose silence is as loud as their songs

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