Blood Moon

Hunter's Moon

Stalked Chased Hunted

    Ground cracking beneath her feet

            Air heated and misted

Body tormented and twisted

Her breath lowly humming

Her predator is drumming

Traced Tracked Shadowed

She knows he is coming

Must she keep running?

His pursuit is impassioned

Hewn by lunar crimson splendor

He wants but to love her

Not place himself above her

Their hearts are afire

Yearning deep desire

He draws himself closer

Near enough to reach out and touch her

Captured by her radiance

A magenta maiden

A ruby fruit jungle

Her heat a vermillion feast

Seized Surrendered Suppressed

He lays his head low in defeat



#FWF Free Write Friday: Image Prompt With Guest Host Mark Schutter

8 thoughts on “Blood Moon

  1. Love the story and the passion and the hunt within and the ending of defeat for him? Great writing and great to read. I really like this one! Thank you Kim!

    1. I am so glad you liked it Mark! The question of “defeat” could hang in the air but I suppose it could be based on the reader’s interpretation of the story or even the definition of defeat as it is written here… 🙂

  2. I love the rhythm as well as the suspenseful feel to this one! ‘Defeat’ can definitely be looked at in various ways according to the reader…I see it as the woman’s final submission to the passion that he holds for her and the excitement that he has while on the hunt has ended- very nice work!

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