Slaying the Dragon


For those of you who have been reading my posts the lately, you may have noticed a theme or two.  Current and past real life situations have informed those pieces. If you don’t know it already, I was once verbally and emotionally abused during my first marriage. When I finally realized that it was happening and stood up for myself one time too many, he wanted out. It was the best gift he ever gave me. Truly, there is nothing more powerful than one’s independence and freedom.

Today I live my life on my own terms.  I have confidence in my career. I cultivate healthy relationships. Love has found me again. I am a whole and happy woman. As I ready myself for the next phase in my life, I am also purging and grieving some things from my past. Writing is at once a great unburdening and a form of standing up to the fight-a means to work through any residual pain. Ultimately, I hope I can help others gain the strength to leave their situations and heal themselves.

Last spring during a home renovation, I came across a series of journals buried deep in a desk drawer. I was giving the over-sized roll top away to a woman who really needed it. I was forced to clean it  out once and for all. So there they sat. Three journals from way back when. Some had poetry. Another contained lists of information that were important at the time. Still another had examples of the verbal abuse that was being hurled at me. I  put them on my bedroom bookcase to sit once again. As I was putting them away, a lone piece of paper fell out of one of them. Hotel stationary. Three words: “I Love You” and the initials of my now fiance’.

I couldn’t figure how that missive had landed in journals filled with negativity and pain.  No matter. I saw it as a symbol of how love exists in the midst of chaos and grief. The man I love came into my life quietly. He loved me and supported me through years of challenges with my children and with my former spouse. His love is a burning fire AND a simmering heat.

The road out from abuse is filled with potholes and boulders and other hazards. But the struggle to be whole and happy always makes you stronger.

So the Hebrew people were freed from their enemy by the hand of a woman.

They danced in the streets and the women were crowned with olive wreaths.

(from Judith 1-15 verses 14 & 15)

6 thoughts on “Slaying the Dragon

    1. Yes! When I was nearing the end of telling this story, it was reminding me of a scripture passage that I once read out loud to my oldest about six years ago. He had been feeling under siege from his father at the time and I could find no words of my own to comfort him. (I found the story of Judith in a Celtic book of Scripture). The story of Judith is the story of a strong, courageous and powerful woman who commits herself to her people. I relied on that story at times to get me through my own sieges!

      Wish I could write all day these days. The words just keep coming!

    1. You know it is funny but I had a strong feeling that you would really like that line!

      Until I met my man, I did not realize the endless ways of describing love. I happened upon that image as I was searching for one for “Scent of a Man”. First time I ever got an image, then a title, before I even wrote the story! And THANK YOU for your good wishes!

    1. You are welcome. I knew I would find a way to tell it someday. I just had to wait for the right time, the right words and the courage. I am so very grateful to have a man in my life who practices respect, pays attention and loves ME.

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