Swimming With The Fishes


At first it felt as if his lungs were going to burst. He had never held his breathe this long , the depth of this dive seemed endless, the water a black hole of nothingness. His eyes were hurting from the strain and he was beginning to doubt he would ever find it in the infinite murkiness.

Suddenly and without a hint of warning, he saw a light. He swiftly swam toward it, not noticing that his breathing was somehow eased as he approached the whiteness.  Oddly, he found himself ascending. He was no longer in control of his body as the water transformed from a deep indigo into a soothing hue of turquoise.

A great heave of water pushed him up, and there he was, on some sandy, sunny, heated island-alone.  He had not expected this- a wave of panic rushed at him. All he wanted to was to find the key and hand it over to Jacko. Then the hounds of debt would stop nipping at his heals.

Now what was he to do?  He got off his knees and slowly walked to a shady area. He lay down under the cool canopy and fell into a deep sleep.

Days later, he made front page news. A fishing vessel had recovered a body in one of their tuna nets. Naked, except for a chain wrapped around his left ankle. Tethered to the other end was a concrete block.

  free write friday kellie elmore

Wonderful Kellie Elmore supplied us with 2 prompts this week! The above image came from her.

7 thoughts on “Swimming With The Fishes

  1. I say the same as skywalkerstoryteller, I though the guy was going to live. You made it better by killing him. Gave it a nice unexpected twist in a genre that I love. Love flash fiction, good exercise to hone some of your writing skills,which you seem to already have pretty much mastered.

    1. Thank you so much for your compliment! Kellie Elmore’s FWFs have really been helpful in expanding my writing repertoire. I stumbled onto her site in March and since then, my creative skills in poetry and personal essays (which is how this blog began) have grown.

      I never wrote flash fiction in my life until a FWF moving image prompt in early July ( I think it is called a GIF). Here’s the link to that story: https://buildingalifeofhope.com/2013/07/07/geographical-escape/ in case you are interested. From there, I wrote 17 more installments based on this one character. Now I have the confidence to take a risk with a story and have written lots more in this genre.

      Thanks once again for your support! 🙂

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