Geographical Escape

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Here he was again. Holed up in some two bit motel with walls so thin he almost felt like a participant with the couple in the next room.  His wife and kids didn’t even know he was gone. He left that morning for work with his bike strapped in the truck bed and somehow he found himself driving north towards the coast. The nagging feeling of suffocation walled him in once again and these excursions were his attempt at trying to cure himself. He’d done it countless times before and never told a soul.  One day he was up in the mountains riding a fifty mile stretch through hairpin turns risking life and limb just for the rush of it all. Still another time he awoke before dawn telling his wife that he was taking a half day to ski some trails before work. He arrived home past the kids’ bedtime with the excuse that he had to make up the hours. In truth he never arrived at the office.

These departures were becoming more and more frequent. He often found himself making up stories of business travels so he could be gone for days at a time. In reality, he was no more than a day’s drive away, sometimes in a backwater town and more than likely warming up a bar stool after a long day on his bike or on the ski trails depending upon the season. At times, he enjoyed the idea of sneaking away but mostly he felt guilty for removing himself from his family in such a deliberate sort of way.

But that was just about as far as he let himself think about the reasons for his behavior. Just as he was about to change his mind and leave, there was a knock on the door.  Too late now.  He let her in. Another piece he was weaving in his web of deceit.


This post was inspired by Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday.



11 thoughts on “Geographical Escape

    1. Funny thing is the idea was floating in my head during my recent trip. And then Kellie came along with the prompt (plus that image!). This is the first story I that I wrote in this form and my heart was racing the whole time! Thanks for your encouragement to continue-not sure where I am going with it yet but I do like the mystery of it all!

  1. The first line was the hook! You pulled me right in with that line. Now that is how you start a story! I say write more. Tell us about this man… there is more to it, I know. 🙂
    But as is… fantastic job! Thank you. I really enjoyed this side of your work. *applause*

    1. Thanks so much Kellie. 🙂 :):) It is THE first time I have ever written a piece like this. I find myself completely pulled in by the character and the possibilities of where the story can go.

      I drafted Part 2 and am going to let it simmer for a bit while I go shop for food and get myself ready for a Monday. I cannot wait to get back to the story! I was actually sweating this morning and my heart was racing while I was writing!

    1. Check out the one I posted this morning! Geographical Escape 2.1: The Slippery Slope. I am working on part 5 right now. This character is pulling me in and I cannot stop writing! Part 3 goes up tomorrow. Then part 4 on Weds. I have no idea how it will end…. I welcome any feedback and I appreciate your support! 🙂

    1. Thanks Colline! I hope that the the next 2 installments that I posted yesterday & today (The Slippery Slope & Vortex) will have you feeling the same way. I am posting the 4th tomorrow and the 5th Thursday. It has been an exciting experience and I hope my readers feel the same! 🙂

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