Undone and Reborn

fwf image prompt

Yep-she thought she was up against it

Never forgiven for sins

That she didn’t commit

Walking that broken road

Stoned, Icy Cold, Alone

Peeling her face off the pavement

His fist crushing her like cement

Cornered in the last round

Her body relenting for another pound

Cries for help never making a sound

She offered herself over to the battle

Her breath nothing but a rattle

Then words of comfort that began as a hum

Gave way to the beating of a drum

The rage of her warriors too strong to ignore

Help and Healing oozing from every pore

She learned to stand tall

Protect herself from another brawl

Now she knew there was no need to crawl

Moving forward in joy and delight

She is one fetching lovely sight

Taking on the world with all her might

I am dedicating this post to victims of abuse. There is a way out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Special thanks once again to Kellie Elmore for the inspiration!

#FWF Free Write Friday: Quote Prompt

26 thoughts on “Undone and Reborn

  1. Suzanne

    A wonderful poem that will inspire and help many. Well done. Overcoming physical abuse is extremely difficult. Your story lights the way for others.

    1. One becomes used to living in fear and isolation-one of the common denominators in this kind of relationship. This makes it hard to leave since victims come to believe that they have nowhere to turn.

      It is my sincere wish that the poem will help others. 🙂

    1. You know, it is so serendipitous your image…. I had this flashback last week of a time when I almost gave up. Sitting alone in the darkness thinking my battles were for naught. Stuck on pause. Then I just lit a candle, got on my yoga mat and prayed. THAT image gave birth to the piece, no doubt and yours drove me there! 🙂

  2. Can´t hit the like button in these stupid internet caffe´s computers, so…..LIKED. Very good poem, poetry and good poetry for me when I read it is my way of doing yoga. Sounds strange prbably but it makes me feel calm. So thank you for posting this poem and thank you for reading my crazy blog.

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