Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It


Primal Mother

Fierce Protector

Keeper of Wisdom

Instinctively Intuitive

Ursus Major:

Keep me Fearless

Heal Me

Allow me to Ponder and Reflect

To Be Still with Thoughts and Emotions

To Discern and Discriminate with Astute Mindfulness

To Love and Live and Be True to Myself

To Know that I am a Part of Infinity

And at One with the Universe

18 thoughts on “Communion

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    1. Hey thanks Neens! I have also read that the Celts were known to worship this majestic beast as well.

      Sorry I have not been able to comment or read your posts as regularly as I usually do. Back in the vortex of teaching! It makes it challenging to keep up with my favorite writers. But I can tell that you are living large and enjoy your new life! 🙂

      1. Awwwww I miss seeing you around – but give thanks daily for mostly escaping that vortex you speak of! Shall miss celebrating Christmas with a class though!
        NaNoWriMo stole me away from most things – I did manage to win it though, so not a total waste of time!
        Loving the balance of life – although I am probably still trying to spin too many plates!
        Great to be back and into the challenges 🙂

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