Address Unknown

I imagine one day that you will come clean. Look inside yourself and uncover the damage and pain that once was hidden and then slowly festered like an abscess.  I fantasize and visualize the scene. Your sincere apology for letting your wounds bleed out until they killed my trust. Your realizations of the love you lost. Your enlightened self-awareness of your sheer selfishness and self-absorption. Your chaste chagrin for your failure as a father. Your road to redemption and reconciliation regarding their relationship with you.

But the package remains sealed. Locked tight and unexamined. Returned to sender.

This one is as raw as it gets. It’s been a funky week where the poison of the past took up rent in my head.  Time for an eviction notice to be served!

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21 thoughts on “Address Unknown

  1. Powerful — the past has a habit of following folks around like a shadow; my demons never really leave my head, they just hide in the dark corners. I hope your eviction notice works — you don’t need neighbors like that!

  2. I love a good, raw, emotion driven piece. Words hit so much harder when they are shot from the surface rather than buried and dug out. Awesome work!!!

    Thank you for your sweet words about my book. I smiled from ear to ear when you said I have a lil place on your bookshelf! My heart fluttered! Thank you soooo much!!!

    1. Thanks Kellie! It has been a weird run with my writing lately. My life is in a transition so some things are resurfacing. I am riding it and hope it serves as fertile ground for future work. Do you ever have times when there are so many stories bouncing about but no way to put them in worthy words? That’s where I am right now!

      I am honored to have a collection of yours. The emotional connection that I experience with your writing is quite powerful for me. 🙂

      1. I know that ride can be awfully bumpy sometimes. I have rode the wave more times than I can count. Seems I am always transitioning. So I send you comfort, courage and wisdom. May you arrive safely.

        And boy do I? There is always a story in my head. I can just see a picture, look at someone crossing the street or pumping gas… and boom. I have to write about it. It will nearly drive me insane if I don’t write it down. Even if I never use it. It’s like coffee in the morning, a cigarette after desert. I just need a fix. Even if the words are not “worthy” in your standards, write them anyway. Please. Just spill it. (you don’t have to share them) But I promise you’ll feel better. =)

        And thank you so much…again. I really hope I don’t disappoint with Candy. It is not like my other work at all. I know I said the same of Jagged, but this one is completely fiction based and not at all from any emotional tragedies in my life, which is what drove the other two books. But I do hope you get a giggle, or something different, (but just as good) from this one. 🙂 Be sure to let me know! I would absolutely love a review from you!

        All my best to you, as always.

      2. There is no way that Candy will disappoint! And I would be happy to provide a review. Thanks so much for your encouragement. I just wish my full time job and regular life stuff wouldn’t get in the way of my muse! I wonder if this is part of the reason that I am in a funk. A piece of me is missing if I don’t write.

      3. Yep. That’ll do it. I always get into a funk when I don’t write. And I haven’t had much time to do so lately either. I just wrote a post about Christmas and it took me two hours to finish! It felt like I was learning to ride a bike again.
        Always find time to write. It’s a gift to yourself.
        Happy holidays…and thank you again and again.

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