At Home on Mother Earth


            The Atlantic Ocean on the shores of Plum Island, MA in December

We stood at the shoreline on a cold early winter day

drinking in the brilliant blues of water and sky

Love was born here on a windy November afternoon

our hearts just beginning to open once again

Looking north, we reimagined the sandy altar

where our vows were taken

It was June

a day much the same in its splendor

The early summer air kissing us with its warmth

The feel of the earth under our bare feet fed our souls

Still, there is nothing like the weight and protection of boots that help carry us over boulders and root-ridden paths

Welch-Dickey looking west

We stop and put our hands in a snow melted stream

amazed at its crystal clear color

Its extravagant cold causes us to sigh in gratefulness

Love grows here on the bare bluffs and falling waters

Arethusa Falls

When we climb in April, we arrive in time for Spring’s rebirth

as we once again mark our own

Seasons change but our zeal for hiking never wanes

Summer flora at the bottom of Artist’s Bluff, Franconia Notch, NH

The mountains await us

Mount Lafayette, Franconia Notch, NH



Day 22. A poem to honor Earth Day and pay homage to the March for Science. We went to a nearby Arbor Festival and came away with 2 more plants for the butterfly garden and a bougainvillea tree.

4 thoughts on “At Home on Mother Earth

    1. First of all, thank you so much for the compliment! It all came together unexpectedly today as I was thinking about our planet. The outdoors really speaks to me in profound ways. It is interesting and I am sure no accident that the times spent touching the earth is also spent with people I love. And thank you for promoting yourself! I am looking forward to reading it. And I promise to let you know what I think.

      1. Suzanne

        How wonderful to have a social network that involves going into the wilderness with others. More often than not I am by myself at such time. But then, maybe that’s the way it needs to be at present. I need that alone time to focus my thoughts.

      2. For me, it’s been a great way to reconnect with my sons as the have grown older, most especially with my youngest. He talks a bit more out there because it is his comfort zone. Plus, I know he will pass on the love of hiking to the next generation as I did from my parents. 🙂

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