Inner Reflection


Do you ever want to be a stranger somewhere

to walk alone into a crowded cafe’

and be silent and still

lost in your own world? 

Do you ever want to remain anonymous

to sit and lose yourself in daydreams

making up  life stories about the people around you?

Do you ever want to leave your appearance at home

to walk in unadulterated and unadorned freedom?

Do you ever want to cast a long shadow or vaporize into the mist

or become that crystalline air that takes others breath away?

Do you ever want to flow like the tides

to roll gently and smoothly

in and out of your own consciousness?

Do you ever want to let go of the world

its teeming madness and incessant obligations

and offer them over

surrender them

and transform them into silence?

Do you ever want to sit with yourself

peel back the layers of hardness and pain,

allow yourself to soften and ripen,

to be at one with Mother Earth?   


Would you reflect the majesty of the galaxies and the glory of the heavens?

Would you capture your essence, the core of your soul?



2 thoughts on “Inner Reflection

  1. I do exactly as you’ve spoken…..I love to travel alone to strange cities and just be a stranger in the midst…there is something about it that actually makes you feel more “connected” to the planet. Beautiful prose!

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