The Road of Regret


A light rain settled on his windshield

Little droplets of tears resting at eye view

The April morning more like November

Raw, gray, bone seeping dankness

Void of color

Empty of Hope

Unsure of what he was seeking

He came from another place

Driving down Main Street

His truck making a detour back to a life he once knew

A quarter century ago

Half his age plus two now

His mind drifting to the covenant he made

on this same April day

Did he hope to see her?

He pulled into a vacant spot

The rain growing colder

Pelting his windshield

Sharp pieces of pain

He shivered and walked to the storefront of her favorite cafe’

His eyes peeled for the woman who was once his bride

Too late once again

She remained hidden

Traveling another route

Building her new dreams

Forging her own paths

And breathing a life-long sigh

That he didn’t see her pass him right by



Day 30 of the challenge. Last but not least…

A Self-Portrait in Flowers



I am no shy wallflower or shrinking violet

No pansy that wilts in the cold


Perhaps I am a Daisy:

Spirited and filled with the joyful innocence of a child

 Or Baby’s Breath:

Magnificent and Sublime seeing the beauty in all things

Maybe a Chrysanthemum :

Speaking my  truth and wearing my cape of honesty

 Definitely a Freesia:

Exuding positive energy

 Or Better yet a Gardenia:

Pure joy never postponed

Never a doubt about Gladiolus:

Strength and determination. I wear my sword well!

 My armor-  A Hydrangea:

Resolved to persevere

 A Lavender Chick For Sure:

Gorgeous and fragrant and exotic with the promise of new adventure

 A Magnolia of Steel (of course):

Unrelenting  dignity

Orchid: It makes me sigh:

Always I feel the pull of powerful romantic desire!

The Aftermath

Credit: ( “A Wounded Heart” by Tim Dwyer)


In the dark recesses of my mind

I hear the gunfire of your wounds

Land mines of domestic destruction

Improvised explosives shrouded in verbal volleys 

Scattered shrapnel

Stinging pain from your  scoffs

Mocking my every move


In the dark recesses of my gut

I taste the heaving

My attempts to digest your vile invectives

your vicious vitriol that holds my virtues in a vise


In the dark recesses of my heart

I feel the agony of your aggression 

the abscess of your abandonment

 and the anguish of your annihilation



For those known and unknown who are experiencing abuse. Mine is past but the pain is sometimes present.

A Moment in Eden



             He reached out to touch her

His fingertips alighting ever so slightly on the curve in her back

The small cavern just above her tail bone that allows for the slight rise to her rear cheeks

                      A tender spot peach fuzz soft

                                    He moved his lips down to kiss her there

               The sweet taste sowing a sensation a synchronized sigh

                           Scarcely sleeping she turns absent of words

                  Her body the response the answer and permission

                              “Yes, please”

Happy Hour


Black coffee in bed

The morning quiet adding the sweetness to my first sip

My day unfolds with no set plans

A run in the rain

I lose myself in dreams

My body a zen-like stream

as I am carried over these endless rises

A heated cleansing

The ritual soothing to the double digit distance

Stomach empty- a primal hunger invades

I sip and sup listening to Saturday stories

The day turns raw

I shelter myself  baking, laundering and dancing 

A spontaneous urge propels me out the door 

Seeking sustenance

I turn my wheels and spy two mates

We gather at the bar

Coffee, Tea for they and me

Tall tales Told (gosh are we getting old!)

Time flies by

We leave and say goodbye

I arrive at the stead new plans ahead 

Dinner to make or should I bake? 

The night is a pup

At five, I fill my cup

One needs to dine with a good fine wine!


Day 26 of the Challenge. For my friends L and J: Thanks for being a part of my day! XO

Three Old Bitches


You know, I didn’t think we’d survive in that pounding surf  

Tell me about it, Myrtle. It felt like a hurricane was sweeping over the Gulf 

No, No Myrna, it was the gosh darn pelicans thinking we were still housing those crabs

True enough Phyllis. Thank goodness those babies flew the coop a long time ago.

Well, I certainly was relieved when we washed up on shore at sunset!

Yes, indeed a beautiful sight just in time for a little shut-eye

Only to be rudely awakened by that beach loader. Geez, just when we relax, we get moved again

Now, Myrtle, you have to admit the driver was a hottie!

Oh I must say I was getting a case of the vapors when he laid me down in the sand…  

Well girls, I have to admit that he sure picked a cozy spot for the three of us

Until that middle aged beach babe spotted us…

Yes girls but she has a plan, I believe

Well, it looks like we’re going for a ride since she plopped us down right beside her truck 

OOh I am all a- flutter Myrtle,  I hear there’s some BIG conch shells in these parts!

Myrna, I think you’ve got  a bit too much sand stuck that shell of yours. Those conchies are always after the younger set

You’re right about the sand Phyllis and we’re about to get some shaken loose. It’s been a long time…


Our Lovely Miss Kellie presented us with a most original prompt this week! I left out the mystery since I had taken this photo earlier this month and knew I would use it someday in my writing. It fit perfectly for today’s prompt. My oldest son came up with the title after he saw the photo and dared me to use it!

Here is your FWF prompt:

the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.
Select something nonhuman and write about it as though it were human. It is up to you whether or not you reveal what it is, but I have found it a lot of fun to leave it a mystery and allow others to guess at what you were writing about. 🙂 Have fun!

Once upon a Time


What once was daunting is now empowering

What once had me nearly on my knees has given me wings

What once left me stoic in silence has made me loquacious with laughter

What once gave me grief  has given me the gift of profound joy

What once left me shackled, tied to the metaphorical bedpost

has posted bail and declared me innocent and unbound

What once left me invisible has made me someone worth remembering

What once left me feeling lonely and isolated

has made me feel inhabited in my solitude

and a gleeful player on the world’s stage