Transcending Old Suffering

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Image courtesy of: Heart Sisters

Too dangerous to repeat those words which once made me feel small

They hung in the air

A hovering smog of demotions revealing your lack of devotion

Too dangerous to think how those utterances once pierced my heart

They slit and sliced

leaving a hole where love once lived

Too dangerous to feel how those remarks concussed my soul

where my very being was left battered and bruised

Then a moment when I thought I was so far removed

Where the hurt had been expelled and expunged

My attention became ensnared and captured

Energy stuck in an obscure bodily sphere

Tenuous and subtle but present

 I linger with it

I sense it moving through


It sits behind my eyes

Insisting that I see

Pounding my head with implication and insinuation

Admonishing me to feel

I turn it over

Offer it up

 Relief arrives with admission and realization

that the Spirit

the Me that is Me

carries remnants

the residual remains

of Invisibility

Each movement of ancient energy

is a releasing

another renewal

and I am seeing myself as I never did before

Day 25.  Old stuff surfaced ever so briefly yesterday and gave me a gift. And now I am giving you one as well. For those of you moving past old hurts and sufferings at the hands and/or words of another. The journey through healing is worth the destination.


3 thoughts on “Transcending Old Suffering

  1. Suzanne

    Great stuff. You have managed to put into words something I’ve been struggling to talk about all month. It sounds like you are going through a similar spiritual awakening to me where all the old wounds have come up for release over the past few years. This month some kind of echo is coming up (or maybe it’s just that we can finally see it).
    I read somewhere (online on someone’s reading of the energy for April – sorry – I can’t remember where) that currently we are going through another layer of healing. We’ve done the release and let go of the pain but now we are discovering there is another layer. The person writing the post said that these wounds leave a kind of imprint and that now we are to eliminate that too. The way you have written your poem describes the process very well.

    1. I think it is an echo as well. I am seeing it in my own close relationships. In fact, I think we’ve helped each other see our own imprints (great description!). Fascinating, really! I am definitely digging this new spiritual path even if it is a bit bumpy.

      1. Suzanne

        I’ve been reading some more about this today but my ideas are still really ephemeral. I try to put them into words and they float off into the ether. 🙂 I am having that problem a lot lately – it’s very difficult when I’m trying to do the shopping – lol – I spend so long staring at shelves people think there is something wrong with me. – this new spiritual path is fascinating but yes, it is definitely bumpy.

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