Night Storm


A rare rumbling rolled in during the darkest of darks

Throat sounds

The mumbling of a monster

Tossing and turning

too tired to open my eyes

Wondering when the flash and flicker of lightning

will illuminate slumbering shadows

Tossing and turning

Anticipating the next racket and ruckus

Awaiting the squall that is bound to follow

I lie still

A stone attempting to hide in an open field

The rampage hovers over me

arriving in an unusual rage

I pull myself in tighter

knowing there’s nowhere to hide

Electric daylight remaining at bay

But wait! 

Mother Nature’s search and rescue

Singing a soothing song

The serenade that subdues the monster into submission

Day 21.  A tempestuous thunderstorm arrived some time in the wee hours of the morning unaccompanied by lightning. It was incredibly loud. Yet somewhere in the midst of the cacophony I heard a chorus of birds.

4 thoughts on “Night Storm

  1. Suzanne

    How strange. There are some wild storms around at the globe at present. The bird song – the birth of a new day both physically and metaphorically? Maybe the storms are just clearing away the detritus of the past.

    1. I think you are spot on. I wrote this freely letting the subconscious and my early morning dream state take over. Certainly the storm coincided with the present here. Lots of clearing out of items is happening this week. Today’s poem ( which is shortly forthcoming) continues with the theme. Thanks for your insight!

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