Times Before

Credit: davidkanigan.com

Leafing through old photographs

Images of times before the times before

Young ones captured and captivated

in moments of absolute innocence

Times before the times before

Blond curls and waves crown wide open smile

Big brown eyes and chubby cheeks bursting with laughter

Times before the times before

Pure and unconditional love between father and sons

in the Times before the times before

the times before you lost them both



Day 22.  My oldest and I set about organizing old family albums for the move.  It’s astounding how many photos of the boys I took. Mostly simple moments in the big back yard.  This one came easily for some reason

4 thoughts on “Times Before

  1. This poem really speaks to me personally….I’ve lost both of my dads….Birth father at 10 and step father a few years ago….All I have now are photographs and memories….The time before…

    1. I am sorry for your losses, Sharon. I am glad, though, that it spoke to you. My sons’ father has missed important moments with his children for at least a decade. Now their grown men calling the shots in the relationship. They are moving on with their lives. Sort of like that old song by the late Harry Chapin “Cat’s in the Cradle”.

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