Kim But Not Kimberly


 Kim But Not Kimberly

A name that has grown to suit me

Bold Noble Brave

A woman who will not easily cave

or cower in the face of adversity

Driven to serve humanity

Able to face any calamity

Born to be strong-minded and fiercely independent

Some say my presence is incandescent

Harmoniously in balance with the Masculine and Feminine

My love is always genuine

Eternal Optimist and Unrelenting Feminist

Betrothed to a Realistic Pessimist

Intuitive Woman Warrior

Given to states of Hopeless Euphoria

Sharer of Love and Wisdom and Experience

Lover of life and its simple abundance


Day 20. Bjorn Brudberg  at Björn Rudbergs writings was today’s inspiration. I seem to be on a roll here with my fellow bloggers this week! His post,

A cross to bear, came from toads

with the prompt and the challenge to take the meaning of your name and weave a poem around it. Not sure if its much of a weave but I did “research” my name’s meaning and this is what I came up with. The meaning matches me though I hope it doesn’t sound too egotistical!


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