Hello November

Credit: www.pinterest.com

Morning sleeps late

The lake unseen at 6am

The forest a cave

Beyond black in its darkness

A taste of rawness

The harsh hand of rain

stings with a crispness

Wind Whipping

Yesterday’s raking for naught

The day dressed in drabness

Lying under the covers

refusing to alight

from its bedtime perch 

Oh Woe!

We Weep

Worn and Wary

We Wonder and Wish

for one more moment with the sun


Yes, as expected the month of November has arrived in all its glorious bleakness. More darkness promised for months to come as we turn back the clocks tonight. Blah!

6 thoughts on “Hello November

  1. A very visual poem, I could feel the wind and rain (just as I had this evening). Trouble is, there are just too many birthdays in November to be completely glum due to the month.

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