The Inner Voice

The only tyrant I accept is my inner voice

                                                                ~Mahatma Ghandi


How often do you act on your instincts?  Pay attention to messages from the universe? Rely on some form of faith?

 As many of you know, I am in the midst of a life-changing transition. The first in seven years. The latter was devastating, not only for me but for my then teenage sons as well. It forever put our lives into a BEFORE/AFTER demarcation. We spent years healing, moving forward, readjusting and creating. Breathing out, breathing in and building an entirely different existence. Growing up and getting stronger.
I have spent more time away from my home this summer than I have been there. My job has allowed me the “luxury”, if you will. Leaving and then coming back has provided me with a fresher perspective and perception of my hometown of 25 years. I came back ready to let go. So for this season, I am sowing the seeds for a new life in a new location. A totally different climate and landscape.  A bit more crowded.  Dotted with big box stores in places instead of pine trees and oaks and maples. But the tiny backyard has a view of  a verdant city park with bike and running trails and the warm gulf beach is just 2 miles away. And the street is amazingly quiet.  I am having fun “exploring”  even though I have been traveling here regularly for over 5 years. Now I am setting down the routes and roots for a simpler life.


Yes.  A simpler life was the first message I heard. The first sentence I said out loud when my man and I decided to get married. Since then, I have been shedding reminders and responsibilities that only served to crowd and complicate my everyday existence. Boxes and boxes of items donated or tossed and even set aflame. Decisions about the house.  Rent? Sell? In the coming months, the shelter will be the focus of some very serious discussions and resolutions. Changes to the neighborhood have brought this to bear. In this regard, I have patiently waited for cosmic messages and definitely relied on my gut. Because of this, I have been able to think clearly, protect myself and rely on the expertise of others. I feel prepared and not blind-sided-so unlike seven years ago when  I was an emotional wreck. However, I am not going to pretend that it is going to be an easy process; I just know that I won’t be or feel alone.

After a period of contemplation and turning over, I have decided to change my career path as well. Still exploring what that might be but I am well certain that I will NOT be in the same field or in the same setting. I see this decision as another means to simplify my life and pursue opportunities that may bring forth the as yet unknown gifts that I hold in store. One thing I do know is that I want and still need to work ( I am a WICKED people person!) but not in a job that can suck away so much of my mental energy.

This interlude is a favorable time.  A wide open space in which to develop a new niche, new friends. A place for myself as well as for my partner. The former is essential. I have honed my new found skills of independence and a solid inner life that is sure to serve me well in the coming years.

When my work day life resumes shortly, I hope to hold onto to this state of mind and heart.  I’ll tend to the seeds of my summer sojourn and continue to bring forth the bounty in my last remaining year as a native of the north.



8 thoughts on “The Inner Voice

  1. Suzanne

    You write so clearly and honestly of your own journey – it’s refreshing and inspiring. Simplifying life feels to me be very much in tune with what’s needed now on a planetary level. I hope you find the career that fits perfectly for you.
    Thanks for the link to the interestingly named web site. I’ll check it out. As for listening to the inner voice – I find the more I listen, the louder it gets. 🙂

    1. I could not agree more in regards to what our planet needs-noise,chaos, destruction on a myriad of levels. Quite heartbreaking and gut wrenching.

      My recent explorations into new career paths are in the process of elimination stage. That is quite good since it will save time and energy as the time draws closer!

      Yes indeed; the inner voice is playing full blast and I like the tune!

      Glad I could help wit the link. 🙂

  2. Great inspiration, and you’re living up to your site name. I wish you the best, and may you find work you enjoy. So where are you headed, what beach will you be near?

    1. Thanks Kelly!

      I’ll be on the west coast of Florida which provides me with a myriad of beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

      We’ll be at one of them tonight as volunteers for a Friday night beach race. Steaming hot but the sunsets are beautiful!

      Thank you for your good wishes. 🙂

  3. Kim Given

    So eloquently and honestly written Kim. I’m glad we bumped into each other last week and am definitely hoping we can meet up again next time you’re down this way. In the meantime I wish you good luck for the coming months and know that you’ll do what is best for your own highest good.

    1. Oh it is wonderful to hear from you! I was just talking about you a few minutes ago with my youngest son and Voila! I do hope we can meet again as well. The next couple of months will be tricky due to work ( this is when my fiance’ treks north more often!) but I promise to contact you when I am in town so that we can meet up.

      And many thanks for your good wishes. I am back home now resettling. Taking deep breaths for the changes ahead!

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