Save Yourself


Earlier this week,  artist extraordinaire and fellow blogger, Sharon Cummings (sharoncummings) posed a question for her followers. At the end of her post, she asked “What is your saving grace?”  (

The question certainly intrigued me and inspired me to think about what mine might be. Or maybe help me to further define what Grace means to me. I wrote about Grace in a different context last January ( A State of Grace). While I believe that message stills holds true for me today, I also believe that Grace is a multifaceted state of being.  In fact, I thinks it is a huge part of yourself that defines your essence and helps you to survive.

I know that I lost my Grace over time during the course of  my first marriage. The insidiousness of verbal and emotional abuse eats away at your identity  and stops the clock on what makes you tick until you feel hollow inside. It was only during my divorce proceedings (and the endless post divorce shenanigans on his part) that I began to redevelop my inner Grace.

I recall  a moment in July of 2008 when my soon to be ex-husband told me “I hope you scratch, crawl and suffer.” These words were a match that lit my fire. It was clear that he was determined to undermine me financially and emotionally. I was not going to let that happen. The course of events that unfolded over the next few years were tests of my ability to withstand hardship and to stand up for what I believed was right for my own life as well as my sons’.  It was by no means easy. When I felt myself about to fall off the edge,  I would remember the words that my mother said to me, “Don’t let him break you.”

My saving grace is my tenacity. The  positive stubbornness which provides the seeds for stamina and strength. The bold determination to carve out a life for myself.  The confidence that I can and will solve problems and make decisions that empower me. And the faith that all will be well no matter what.







13 thoughts on “Save Yourself

  1. What a great post and I admire you for your tenacity and stubbornness! 🙂 It takes effort to keep the sparkle shining. What great question too, makes me wonder what mine is….I’ve been thinking about my “brand” the last 24 hrs and have come up blank. Maybe if I answer this question first I might have a breakthrough – thanks!

    1. Answering the question will certainly help. Also, take a look at some of what you’ve written about as well as your life experiences. Times that have tested you, perhaps. And thanks for your support of my own creative journey! 🙂

  2. Suzanne

    A very inspiring post and honest exploration into your inner being. This kind of writing is empowering to both you and to the reader.

  3. You continue to inspire me! I am going through something not dissimilar, not exactly the same. Sometimes new doors don’t blast open; they crack just a little bit. That’s all we need to push through!

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