Temporary Darkness

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She stood in line at the cafe’; nearly anonymous in her cloak. Her hands in the front pouch, her movements silent and slight.  She nourishes herself  in the feeling of wanting to be hidden. To shroud herself in the hood of her over sized sweatshirt.  To comfort herself in the October night’s darkness and seek the void.  Mint tea and chocolate were necessary and perhaps a better alternative to a glass of red wine or a shot of tequila. She wasn’t drinking these days anyway. Hadn’t had even a sip of lightning in over a year.

She spent the day being stripped of her dignity. Questions asked.  Barbs and jabs. Silent jeers. Scoffs and sneers from across the table, trapped in that room for hours. It was about as soothing as walking barefoot on gravel. His false accusations and twisting of the truth had her seeing red. Was this once the man who made her heart sing?

She knew it was just another step in the process. Probably the worst or most unlucky bit of the situation. Positively draining.  Self-comfort was necessary. When she placed her order, the sympathetic manager touched her hand and leaned in as if to give her a hug.  She handed her the tea and treat. “It’s on me,” she said. Her eyes brimming and her throat in a grip, she managed to eke out her welled up appreciation.

The hole of blackness still overwhelmed her. But somewhere -not too deep inside herself- were the beginnings of the path toward that pinprick of light.


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This week’s prompt from Kellie Elmore was a five word bank. I had started writing a story last night without seeing this week’s prompt ( By 9pm last night I was tucked in listening to The Moth Radio Hour-great storytelling show, by the way!). Her words fit perfectly into what I had drafted. This piece was born of a small trigger; I was removing my hoodie sweatshirt when a flash of memory came flooding back prompting me to get the ideas out of my head before they festered!  The word prompts from Kellie are below:

Red – Mint – Gravel – Sing – Unlucky

19 thoughts on “Temporary Darkness

  1. I see what you mean. Those memories that come back to haunt unexpectantly. I guess it’s when they no longer bring you to your knees that you know the healing is actually happening.

  2. Suzanne

    Keep walking towards that light. Every step you take makes it more real. The way you are able to write of your pain is quite incredible – I am sure it helps others who have suffered in similar ways. Without wanting to sound glib and to dismiss your intense suffering – perhaps giving it a voice like this is part of your life journey. Your words heal yourself and others. Keep writing it out. It has to be said.

    1. Thank you Suzanne. I hope my words help others. That has always been my intent. Every time I write about a subject like the one I wrote this week, another layer of pain is sloughed off. More importantly, I feel like I grow into a better and stronger person

      1. Suzanne

        Absolutely. That comes across in your writing. I am sure your story inspires others too.

    1. Thank you Colline. I remember that day and that night very well. So grateful to those who helped me along the path and more grateful to be happier than I could ever have possibly imagined. 🙂

  3. aloha BuildingALifeOfHope. i like that even tho this feels like depression, or the result of heartbreak, you also lead the reader to understand ways in which hope, new beginnings or a path to lightness can be given. i like when a creative being does more than just point out a problem by offering up solution possibilities too. well done. aloha.

  4. biggerthanalasagna

    It is the smallest kindnesses that seem to have such a lasting impact. I’m cheering for your story’s heroine! Nice read.

  5. A story that begins in the dark with savage gestures, and ends, with a small gesture of hope, an ending in the light. Very powerful!
    Your writing will give your strength to others.

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