A Wiser Woman

Credit: www.flickr.com


She’s just like him

Words of wisdom from a child

He keeps his distance

Stands his ground


I had never seen her

But became acutely aware of her on that April morning

You know that feeling when someone is looking at you behind your back?

I turn to look

She penetrated my gaze

Followed me out the door

I turned once again

Laser-like, strong in my volley

I sensed an artist of insinuation in my midst

I knew we would meet again

I began to notice and be alert for her comings and goings

She was easy to spot

Devoid of femininity

Nearly transparent in nature


Her body a void

Dressing as a slacker social climber

Expensive jeans

made by poor souls in Bangladesh no doubt

The Designer Look that lacks originality

She appears to be his twin

A mirror image of him 


As the seasons change, she creates a perch in the shop

A table by the window for her phone, Ipad and coffee

Trying to look earnest and important

She is a user of men

Flaunting her wiles for her own gain

Acting helpless while they lick her feet

I cannot warn them

I can only watch

Be careful my boy says

Keep quiet 

Those behind the counter are trained to smile

but are aware of her guile


Her mission with me is incomplete

I am replete with stellar intuition

and spiritual revelation

I can handle any situation

My grace and style help me walk the mile

She hasn’t been around in a long, long while

9 thoughts on “A Wiser Woman

  1. You brought her to life — I could see her sitting there, and the effect she had on men. I’m glad you passed the test, and you haven’t had to deal with her for a very long time!

    1. I realize now that her appearances were for a reason more so than the usual small town nonsense. When I look at it as a sign from the universe, I allowed myself to look deeper into my own self and healing and come out the better and stronger person as a result.

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