They may not know Her

But she knows their thoughts

She senses their neediness

their desires

the impulse to share their story

-a piece of  themselves 

She does not judge 

She  feels their pain

The stain

of  their indignities and indiscretions

their joys and sorrows

When She walks down the street

a sea of people part

nearly bowing in reverence

to Her very presence

They cannot help themselves

They yearn to touch Her

Her very being is an illumination

a soft glowing beacon

Her attention is discreet

The slightest of touches 

temper their souls

surrounding them

in a healing blue light

She is a weaver

a Tantra  goddess melding together

the human and divine

A starry  messenger

 A natural-born remedy

A harbinger of peace if only for a whisper of time


2014-04-08 09.52.48


fwf kellie elmore badge

Not sure where I got this from to be honest. Thanks once again to Kellie Elmore for taking me to a place and space I never expected to go!  Plus the added bonus of adding Poem #12 to WordPress’ challenge!

Namaste’ my friends!







25 thoughts on “Siridean

      1. dream zones are great places to write from (imo again).

        imo or IMO = In My Opinion. i’m glad you asked. please do ask when ever i use a term that is not understood. i know i sometimes use what has become texting short hand a little too much (and i dont even text often—sheesh. bwahahahaha, our changing world). after a while it just becomes quicker. however only when we all understand it. aloha.

  1. That´s a lyrical goddess, I love your knowledge of words, how you use them so it comes out…just a beautiful read. I agree with another commentator that said the soft flow, didn´t really realise that would be the term but after reading it a second time it sure fits.

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