Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

She ambled out into the hush of the city’s streets,the Arctic air at once taking her breath away and filling her lungs with renewed life. The spectacular chill washed away the late night’s pungent plundering. Another evening another man.  Pure bliss coupled with an exacting need to refill that sugar in her bowl.  The dark season only increased her need for the heat of skin on skin. She liked the anonymity of it, never knowing quitewhat to expect even when she was well acquainted with her conquests. The conversation ended as soon as the key unlocked his door. She wasn’t interested in small talk or the intimacy revealed in some random deep conversation. Each encounter was a relief and a revelation, each getting their share and never once feeling used or abused.

She never liked to stay, never enjoyed the tangling of limbs and sheets in the aftermath. Never wanted to greet the day with him. She preferred a quiet exit as he lay soundly sleeping. Nights like this when the world seemed dead asleep were hers and hers alone. She could make first tracks. Listen for the squeaky crunch of her boots on newly fallen snow. Shelter  herself beneath the awning of her umbrella. Alive,silently satiated, but still simmering with anticipation, awaiting the sensual mystery of a subsequent surrendering.

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#FWF Free Write Friday: Time and Place Scenario

by Kellie Elmore

An image prompt that took off down an unexpected path. But hey, isn’t that what free writes are all about?  I am thankful once again to Kellie Elmore for helping me tend to my muse! XO

28 thoughts on “Magdalena

  1. This was a great piece! Wow … “refill that sugar…[and] need for the heat of skin on skin,” were stand out lines. I always welcome the heat 🙂

    1. Thank you! This is one thing I really like about Kellie’s prompts; variety in the responses plus our growth as writers with each one. We are prodded to let go of preconceived ideas and let our imaginations take us for a ride!

  2. Great story Kim, but I agree with Pink that there is definitely a tinge of sadness, loneliness and regret captured here. Love the line “Nights like this when the world seemed dead asleep were hers and hers alone.” As an introvert I crave that feeling also!

  3. “She could make first tracks.” She wants control. Control of others, and of her own empowerment. Yes, there is sadness, but is it hers or ours? She is pure “sensualness” — the embodiment of what “lurks” just beneath our surfaces, our own skins.
    Incredible piece of writing — you draw the reader into her world and make us feel through her spirit and see through her eyes. Your writing is so vivid!

    1. Magdalena (yes a name chosen purposefully after I wrote the story!) is no victim that is for sure. I believe that you may be spot on with my own perception of her; although I did not know it until the story was complete.

      Still, I validate others’ view of her; it all depends on our own experiences in some ways. And this is what makes a story worth writing: the ability to bring out varying feelings amongst your readers!

      1. You write so expressively, vividly and evocatively creating characters who are very much real and alive.
        Magdalena touches us on so many levels, as you say, we each respond based on our own sense of ourselves and of her.
        Your stories are always worth reading! As are the comments generated by your words.

      2. I think this is what I like best about writing, delving deep into a character or characters. Really, I believe they can form the plot of a story.

        Thank very very much for your continued support on my journey!

  4. I must tell you, and I am certain I have told you before…but you are such a talent. I love how you captivate with words. You have an incredible way of conveying emotion and deeper meaning into fantastically weaved prose and it excites me so much! Every time I read you, I find myself saying…wow, I wish i had written that! And I am urged to write. Not sure if you noticed, but I do not write for my own prompts, but I do however, write from your responses to my prompts. I let YOU guys inspire my pen and you always seem to do so brilliantly. Thank you for sharing your gift of story telling. A pleasure having you every week! ♥

    1. Thank you Laurie. And I could not agree more about the similarities between our stories! The voices of the forgotten, down and out, characters with a simmering anger are ones that I find most appealing to write about. Their voices need to be heard, don’t you think?

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