Vita da Sogno*

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“Philomena! Philomena! Why are you wasting your time chasing a sogno irrealizzable?”  Her mama’s falsetto was grating on Philomena’s last nerve. Her passion-sketching, designing and stitching women’s fashion-went against her parent’s wishes to marry Arturo, the local cheese-maker. Her plans did not include an early marriage to a man who smelled of soured milk and curds day and night.

Paris-the city of high couture- was where here heart belonged. She ran to her room and grabbed her sketch pad, charcoals and blanket. She would hide away in the olive grove and create her newest ideas. Almost as an afterthought, she took some spare coins from her dresser. The cinema was debuting a new matinee today. She could not resist the films of Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardott or Audrey Hepburn.; women of independence and classic, sensual styles.

Philomena raced down the stairs,  ignoring her mama’s obvious exasperation (her hands on her hips and her lips in a line). She was all of these women and more-her determination far outweighing the temptation to give in to cumbersome tradition.

*dream life

Once again it is Free Write Friday via Kellie Elmore!  I wrote this while at the doctor’s office today. Feeling under the weather-kidney infection! But no matter. Imagination won over discomfort!

Here’s the link:

#FWF Free Write Friday: Word Bank

by Kellie Elmore

This week’s FWF prompt is a word bank:

blanket – falsetto – cumbersome – cinema – coins

24 thoughts on “Vita da Sogno*

  1. Heidi

    The freedom to chose what we love and not what our parents dictate. There are some today that still have to fight that particular battle. Felt her frustration and need for freedom. Very good. 🙂

    1. Many thanks my friend! All of us need hope and a strong sense of ourselves in order to thrive in this world as whole humans.

      I want to follow you by the way but I cannot seem to successfully navigate your site to do so. Any tips?

    1. Well, I am glad that you found me! I encourage you to join FWF. I happened upon it in March and it has been a positive experience-allowing me to really grow as a writer. Kellie Elmore Rocks!

      I am newish to blogging. One year at the end of the month. Still trying to figure out the techie stuff. Tomorrow I am working on posting awards! The WordPress support staff is great. Perhaps I will a FWF post from you next week!

      Meanwhile I am off to explore your blog…. 🙂

      1. Thank you, I plan on it. I was going to do one when I read it but after trying to prepare it I realized I needed to be more prepared so I’ll wait until next time. I think it will be fun.

  2. Ah I so enjoyed this! I love that you made such a determined free spirited character that appeals to many. I think we all have those moments where we have to choose to fight for what our passion is by just doing it despite others reservations. great job with this 🙂

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  4. The approach you took here opens the story up to a character whom is alive with life, to step over the boundaries set by previous generations, maybe has a cool, and independent aunt too… Loved the read, cheers…

  5. Very nice! In so few words you made me feel I wanted her to leave her current situation and follow her dreams.
    PS: hope you are feeling a little better today.

    1. The health center that I go to is in a little city close to where I used to live in my twenties as well as near other little cities where my parents once lived. The route is always a trip down memory lane ( lots of lanes in fact!). I must have been think about my mother’s heritage a bit while waiting to see the doctor.

      Feeling much better for sure!

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