Happy Sunny Sunday

Hello my friends!

photo credit: whatsyourbackground.net

If you have viewed my blog today, you will have noticed that I have posted three award logos to my home page’s sidebar. It has taken me some time to figure out how to do that as I am challenged in this area!  With help from WordPress Support and my oldest son, I finally did it last night!

So today I hope to write 3 new posts to recognize those others out there who have supported my writing and whose writing deserves a bigger audience. I am in the midst of organizing my thoughts as well as making a list of bloggers to honor.  I may not get to everyone. But I do hope that those that I missed will understand that I appreciate their work and the fact that they follow me!

Today is a perfect summer day here.  I am heading out to spend time with my soul sister in the sunshine. This may interfere with my goal!  Days like this must be seized!

Thanks for reading!

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