Naked in the Bathroom*

Standing in the steam talkin’ to my ex

A forceful voice over the wireless

           I hear it now:

         My son taking sides

Being fed information based in lies

     The conversation drags on

      The steam disappears

      We start conversing

about what happened over the years

     The voice becomes softer

     The heat lamp goes on

I am trapped in my nakedness

As he turns the DENIAL button on

      It’s the same old song

Of course I’m the one that’s done wrong

      I listen to his “reality”

and the problems with my personality

     I choose my words carefully

I am getting colder, my clean hair lies flat

I want to put a stop to this endless chat

I hear his “love” or is it manipulation?

I need to get out of this sticky situation

I vacillate between trust, guilt and fear

Yet, through it all my decision is clear

The steam is gone, the heat lamp turned off

There is no hope for us now

He has not faced his “stuff”

It is time for my own life

    Enough is Enough

*(AUTHOR”S NOTE:  This a poem that I found in a journal from 2008- a year of tremendous personal upheaval. It is an actual scenario that occurred. I remember sending it to my now late mom who loved the truth and strength in it. I am sure that she would be proud that I am sharing it with a wider audience.)

12 thoughts on “Naked in the Bathroom*

  1. I believe this is the poem that you were telling me about. It’s beautiful, Kim! It has so much truth. It’s vulnerable yet shows strength. This is one of my favorites of yours!

  2. djpr2001

    Wow. Knowing what I do of you, this really truly touched my heart. You’re right, you were strong then, it just took a while to figure it out. I’m so glad this is history and you’ve moved on to better things now.

    1. I did not realize that I still had a journal from back in ’08 until I started cleaning out my ginormous desk (which I was giving away to a woman who really needed it). The poem was one of many from that year. I totally forgot that I was writing at all during that time. It was good to find those nuggets and know that I have moved on and don’t have to live like that ever again.

  3. Hi Kim, Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. I have been scrolling through your posts and love your categories. You know by now, as so much time has passed how brave you were to move away from this abusive situation but it must have come at a great personal price and tremendous effort and control. Bravo to you for recognising and taking action and coming out the other side a stronger person.
    My poem must have had a bigger impact on you than on others as it really was your journey. Good to know you a bit. 🙂

    1. Hi Lesley,

      I enjoyed the exploration of your blog very much. Thank you so much for your kind words. Your piece definitely brought some things up for me.

      And it is true that the journey at times was excruciating. But the long dark hallway that I had to walk was a worthy journey. When I launched my blog last August, many of the posts were a reflection of that journey. Some in particular were the “firsts” to reveal abuse. I have listed some here (the first 5) that were part of a weekly series (not on purpose just happened that way). The last is a favorite of mine. They are all in the category of Independent Woman. I hope that you will read them some time! Namaste
      On Being a Bold Woman
      Somebody That I Used to Know*
      Everyday Love
      A Cheerful Countenance
      Seismic Shifts and Cosmic Changes
      Baggage Claim (from a FWF Kellie Elmore prompt in April)

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