Training Fatigue

training fatigue

Saturday morning she awakens with a sudden jolt

 It is 4 a.m.  Her calves lock with charlie horses

Her hips feel frozen, her back is in spasm

She has trouble rolling over

She lets out a groan

She needs to get to hot yoga without a doubt

Another ten-miler is in store for tomorrow

Arriving, she embraces the heat

Each inversion and twist is met at first with pain

Then release and relief

The poses feel good

But she forgoes wheel and frog

Saturday supper: pasta, water and wine

She slumbers at an early hour

Sunday morning 6 a.m.

Arising stiff but not too sore

Shall she go?

She needs the long run without a doubt

Pain simmers beneath the skin

A natural feeling for the distanced runner

Each mile is ticked off without notice

Until the last

Her legs announce themselves

in all their glorious grief

She finishes and bends over with welcome relief

4 thoughts on “Training Fatigue

  1. A beautiful post about determination 🙂 I’m a former competitive runner so I’ve been there! And I applaud the fact that you’re still going to that place of fear, dread, pain… and ultimately release and relief. Wonderful!

    1. Feeling it tonight for sure. I absolutely love running ( you will read more about it in older stories) for what it has done for my life. BUT more yoga tomorrow is necessary if I am going to keep this level of training up!

  2. So good. I have felt all of these things at some point! Especially the charlie horses. AAAGH. Can’t wait to get back to NS and hit up hot yoga again! I’ve missed that so much. I was never so bendy as when I was a hot-yoga-aholic. 🙂

    1. Sometimes I am in a dilemma about which I love more-yoga or running! Running gets me outside plus I have been doing since I was 11 (more or less)-that means 41 years! Both calm me down but yoga just changes you on a cellular level. It is a wonderful, ancient practice.

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