Lunar Tetrad



I watched the Blood Moon rise tonight

Fighting to be center stage with the fierce Spring winds

Its appearance is a ball of dust in the gray black dusk

Shape shifting second by second

 Securing its space in the sky

 To the unknowing  eye it is but a whiff  of  smoke

A vampy vapor  vieing  for luminosity

But the wind  is hip to her vice

Shrouding her shame

Tamping down her flame

We’ll  see then if the winds wins over this feisty dame


Monday and Tuesday night promised a lunar eclipse but the forecast called for rain overnight. I took this photo with my phone (thus the quality!) in order to at least get a glimpse of one of Mother Nature’s miracles. Sometimes my backyard is a slice of heaven!

In Your Eyes


She kissed him softly, leaving a pink tattoo on his cheek

There was a worn tenderness to his being

A sweet masculine aura 

His greetings arrived like a whisper

Like velvet

Soothing as silk

 A cool breeze that sparks your heart

They might see one another in a crowded room of familiars

and the world would still as he planted his lips quietly on her nose

They possessed an unknown affection for each other

A kinship of few words and many shared plights

They left no time for the niceties of the shallow “How are yous”

Instead  the river of their words ran strong and deep

When her need for him was acute,

she would conjure a prayer to the universe

wishing for his manifestation 

His presence gave solace to her soul

Life stories shared

Life stories held

Life stories with no judgement

Each on separate paths

Tending the fires of their own loves

Rejoicing in one another’s  journey

A Wiser Woman



She’s just like him

Words of wisdom from a child

He keeps his distance

Stands his ground


I had never seen her

But became acutely aware of her on that April morning

You know that feeling when someone is looking at you behind your back?

I turn to look

She penetrated my gaze

Followed me out the door

I turned once again

Laser-like, strong in my volley

I sensed an artist of insinuation in my midst

I knew we would meet again

I began to notice and be alert for her comings and goings

She was easy to spot

Devoid of femininity

Nearly transparent in nature


Her body a void

Dressing as a slacker social climber

Expensive jeans

made by poor souls in Bangladesh no doubt

The Designer Look that lacks originality

She appears to be his twin

A mirror image of him 


As the seasons change, she creates a perch in the shop

A table by the window for her phone, Ipad and coffee

Trying to look earnest and important

She is a user of men

Flaunting her wiles for her own gain

Acting helpless while they lick her feet

I cannot warn them

I can only watch

Be careful my boy says

Keep quiet 

Those behind the counter are trained to smile

but are aware of her guile


Her mission with me is incomplete

I am replete with stellar intuition

and spiritual revelation

I can handle any situation

My grace and style help me walk the mile

She hasn’t been around in a long, long while

Being in the Distance


I smelled the rain before I saw it

Butter in the air

The roads were still dry after yesterday’s Spring baking

 A welcome sign then after Winter‘s marathon of cold

As I neared the pond, I could hear the first drops’ pings hit the leaves

Too late to turn back and I never would anyway

By mile 1 the roads were already glistening

I was stiff and moving slow

but not really thinking of  when I would end this march into my daily reverie

Warming up the mind occurs at mile 2

When the bell tower was reached, I turned to hear a friendly beep

My white truck clad neighbor

An incentive to go further than planned

The rain drops seemed to miss me

as I descended the long hill

and turned left on the only flats I swear exist in this town

My cares and worries from yesterday fell to the pavement

melting with the sky’s happy tears

My Sunday expedition reminds me of why I lift my feet

take in my surroundings

watch my world change minute to minute

I take stock and notice with all of my senses

I seem to float on the next mile’s ascent

This town is full of hills

A runner’s speed work in disguise

I realize the rain has picked up but I am barely wet

This is a good place to be


To not worry about what’s coming next, to just keep moving forward



   They may not know Her

But she knows their thoughts

She senses their neediness

their desires

the impulse to share their story

-a piece of  themselves 

She does not judge 

She  feels their pain

The stain

of  their indignities and indiscretions

their joys and sorrows

When She walks down the street

a sea of people part

nearly bowing in reverence

to Her very presence

They cannot help themselves

They yearn to touch Her

Her very being is an illumination

a soft glowing beacon

Her attention is discreet

The slightest of touches 

temper their souls

surrounding them

in a healing blue light

She is a weaver

a Tantra  goddess melding together

the human and divine

A starry  messenger

 A natural-born remedy

A harbinger of peace if only for a whisper of time


2014-04-08 09.52.48


fwf kellie elmore badge

Not sure where I got this from to be honest. Thanks once again to Kellie Elmore for taking me to a place and space I never expected to go!  Plus the added bonus of adding Poem #12 to WordPress’ challenge!

Namaste’ my friends!







A Spring Namaste’


Daybreak, a new illumination

Night whispers goodbye

as Venus lights the sky

My celestial companion kissing my window

                          I breathe

Seeking my own inner radiance

before the day’s illusions break the spell

The scenery is losing its bleakness

The tough alloy of the dead season

surrendering to the still fragile newborn

I taste the softness of the new dawn

The air a crisp green apple

My breath white and warm

with the rhythm of my feet

The old beech that holds the bend

is surrounded in a  yellow glow

My aching body is grateful in its movements

Each step a stretch and release

The coyotes call heard, but not seen

Fox and deer leave their traces invisible, but present

Do they watch me as I forge my morning path? 

My thoughts wander much like me

Familiar with the way

Creating my own inner landscape

as I enter a new day

‘Til We Meet Again



The bags are barely unpacked

I take the clothes out in dribs and drabs

Stuffing them back in the drawers or laundry basket

without a care

Some strewn on the floor

as if they were discarded in a heated moment between lovers


We’re travelers together, you and I

Leaving pieces of  ourselves behind each time we part

My mind often goes back to the moments in flames

When lust and desire ignited our hearts

We followed no set path

Seeing only with our Third Eye

Falling into the abyss without reservations


I want to keep the clothes where they lay

  A suitcase half packed

 The “go bag” for the next wandering

An oh-so-sweet drifting

That next leap



in the Ecstasy that is Us