Light in My Hands

to love



A Young Life snuffed out in an instant by a speeding driver

A Mid-Life so full of memories, becoming rapidly unknown

A Mature Life declared terminal by a slow-moving diagnosis

Bad surprises make us stand still

Hold our breath

Fall to the floor screaming

 Look life in the eyes

Open your heart to hope

Lift yourself up

Gather strength through others and within yourself

Seek out joy

Remind yourself why you are here

Each moment is a step towards a new beginning



The first 3 lines of this piece are bits of news that are close to home. We know we cannot control serious illness and sudden tragedy. No words can offer real comfort. We can gather together and hold one another close and stay grateful for what we have and are there for one another.

Life is so very fragile. Find your joy today.


Thanks to Kellie Elmore for this power  Free Write Friday prompt. And I have the added bonus in making it another poem for poetry month!

8 thoughts on “Light in My Hands

  1. “Bad surprises make us stand still ” A genuine circumstance, we forget to breathe as void fill with darkness, reminds me upon being in a well, everything there after in a past time. With what people go through, making time for one another now, we should all do, as it doesn’t take much for our worlds to change. Love the work you’ve put in to the above piece.

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