Dundee Park

dundee park

The familiar squeak of the door

opening down the hall

A sanctuary of safeness

A place of peace

A quiet stillness

where thoughts unfold

insights are gained

wounds are healed

A room where the layers

are peeled back

seeking and seeing

the inner core

of my whole being

Alive, well and complete

Pretty in Pink

pretty in pink


The color of spring

   Sometimes bold

   Sometimes bright

Sometimes soft and subtle

      I wore it today

       As did you

       You said

“It must be a pink day”

      I replied

   “Yes it is.”

I could not avoid you in line

    I stood calmly

   I prayed for an angel

   At once he appeared

“I knew I would see you”

“So glad you are here”

We laughed and whispered

    Such warmth and love

    Safe and connected

   My heart was aglow

You moved forward yet lingered

But I was filled with joy


    The color of Grace

Where I’m From

I am from Barbie dolls,

from wooden blocks and Monopoly

I am from the sand pit in the back yard.

(Blond, gritty- it was filled with Tonka trucks.)

I am from the big pine tree

in the woods behind the house

where we played Lost in Space

and Kick the Can.


I am from banana curls

and frilly dresses at Easter.

I am from long bike rides to Walden Pond

with my brother and the twins.

I am from macaroni and cheese on Friday nights,

 hot dogs and beans on Saturdays

and dinners at grandparents on Sundays.


I am from Pat and Ben and Nana

with her funny laugh.

I am from “Wait until your father gets home”

 “Be a leader, not a follower”

“You Are My Sunshine” and “Goodnight Irene”.


I am from the trunk in the attic filled with trophies,

love letters and Ms. Magazines.


I am these memories-they live inside my soul.

Small Town Paparazzi

small town

We hide behind our sunglasses

     in the late afternoon glare

      sipping fancy iced drinks

  hoping people won’t stare

Too late we’ve been recognized

    Will she stop to say hello?

No worries she’s the friendly

sort who wants to join in the show

She stays a bit, shares a giggle

and it’s off in the sun she goes

Leaving us to babble and banter

   before we hit the road

Early Morning Yoga

yoga at dawn

Breathe in

Breathe out

Muscles stiff and full of sleep

Early aches give way

Eyes Close

Hips Open

Breathe In

Breathe Out

Up Dog

Down Dog

Warrior One

And Two

Breathe In

Breathe Out

Balancing Thoughts

Heart and Nerves

Clearing the Lens

Breathe In

Breathe Out

Chair Pose

Twist and Hold

High Push Up and Low

Heart Open Eyes Wide

Breathe In

Breathe Out

We Three

The absence of sound in the landscape was deafening

                Before them lay a vast desert

      dotted with low lying deep green brush,

      trees contrasted by rust colored plateaus

and tall rock formations reaching for the bright blue sky

         In the distance lay purple-shaded mountains

Yet, at the front and center of this wide open space

                    there were three people

       A mother and her two young sons

     arms wrapped around each other

  The boys holding on tight to mom in the middle

  Their laughter and love roaring into the silence


verbal abuse

Holding her breath

Shutting her eyes

Biting her tongue

Turning a deaf ear

“Protecting” herself

from the sharp slaps

kicks and punches

of his unending invectives

“keep your grubby paws

off my stuff”

“you f@#%& up my pants”

“if you don’t like it

there’s the door”

Sometimes I wish he would

hit me so I could make him leave…