verbal abuse

Holding her breath

Shutting her eyes

Biting her tongue

Turning a deaf ear

“Protecting” herself

from the sharp slaps

kicks and punches

of his unending invectives

“keep your grubby paws

off my stuff”

“you f@#%& up my pants”

“if you don’t like it

there’s the door”

Sometimes I wish he would

hit me so I could make him leave…

9 thoughts on “Trapped

    1. Wish I could take full credit. Writers are always inspired by the deeds of others. This one was a challenge to do as I was fearful of letting it out there to a lot of people. It is just a piece of the bigger story.

  1. I am glad I came back to your blog to reread one of your other ones I kept thinking about. This one…it hit a place ya know? Even a billionth and eleventy years later…..

    1. Hey Jule,
      Since you are a runner like me, you might like my post “My Running Marriage” that I posted on September 5, 2012. By the way, I liked your post Deja Dreaming! Those of us who are spiritually grounded in some way get what you are talking about. And I am a mom of two sons myself! (Although you probably already know that from my latest poem-duh!)

    2. I wonder if we ever get over it. I am in a healthy relationship now and I have had lots of therapy. But anytime I have had to cross paths with the past, I go into survival mode. Thankfully, it happens less and less! Plus I am so happy and grateful for the life I have now.

  2. AH! Indeed it is. I believe that if I had not experienced that time I would not be where I am today. Now that the severe trauma has ceased, my creative juices have been unleashed!
    Watch out for strong women!

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