Lunar Tetrad



I watched the Blood Moon rise tonight

Fighting to be center stage with the fierce Spring winds

Its appearance is a ball of dust in the gray black dusk

Shape shifting second by second

 Securing its space in the sky

 To the unknowing  eye it is but a whiff  of  smoke

A vampy vapor  vieing  for luminosity

But the wind  is hip to her vice

Shrouding her shame

Tamping down her flame

We’ll  see then if the winds wins over this feisty dame


Monday and Tuesday night promised a lunar eclipse but the forecast called for rain overnight. I took this photo with my phone (thus the quality!) in order to at least get a glimpse of one of Mother Nature’s miracles. Sometimes my backyard is a slice of heaven!

4 thoughts on “Lunar Tetrad

  1. Suzanne

    I watched it on the coast here in southern Australia. Wonderful though very chilly. I didn’t get very good photos though.

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