Defying Gravity: A guest post on body image across five decades

Wonderful Jennie Saia has begun her second week of Body Image and today I am a guest host with a re-posting of “Defying Gravity”. Please check out last week’s postings as they sure to be thought provoking and stayed tuned for more POV’s this week on her site. Well worth the reading!

Tip of My Tongue

I am very honored to be a guest blogger for Jennie  from Tip of My Tongue this week.  A confident body image is a constant struggle for too many women (and men, also) regardless of age. I hope this re-post from my site will shed some light and a newer, more positive perspective for all women. I also want to link to this fascinating piece about middle-aged women trapped in the cycle of maintaining their thinness. Here’s a quote from the article:

If I don’t exercise (Every. Single. Day.) I get depressed. If I stray from my short list of accepted foods, I can spiral out of control. My life is bound by a strict system of controls and rigid rules (maintained with a pack-a-day gum-chewing habit) that keep my weight in line. These include daily digital scale checks that set my mood each morning: 102.9 is bad news; 100.4…

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2 thoughts on “Defying Gravity: A guest post on body image across five decades

    1. Me too! And thanks for the credit; but if it wasn’t for your community idea back in the spring and last week’s reintroduction, I would not have thought of it! 🙂 Hosting sounds like a great idea. I will really need to think of a theme, if you will. I am excited for the coming posts as well!

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