The Leaving


Lovers awaken in the darkness of the dawn

The shimmer of last night’s conjugations

Imprinted on their skins

The sweetness of each other’s fruit

Tattooed on their tongues

The suppleness of their limbs

Entwined and askew

Sheets tangled

Coverings lost

They stumble from their slumber

Into the black fog

The lone light a crescent moon

yearning to be seen

The drive is silent

the hum of the music calming

for the road is unseen

They must separate once again

Knowing they are

Confined only by distance

Bound and Unbound

Consummated and Consumed

Enraptured and Captured

Deeply rooted


Anxiously Awaiting

A New Reunion

A Fresh Awakening

A Succulent Stirring

Gasping and Grasping

Mind Body Soul

Graced by Love

6 thoughts on “The Leaving

  1. This is a great verse. What resonated for me are these lovely lines of yours:

    “Bound and Unbound
    Consummated and Consumed
    Enraptured and Captured”

    This is really the essence of the polarity that exists in each of our lives and about which I have mused in my current post too. Appreciate if you get the time to visit and comment.


    1. Thank you very much! Indeed, I was just speaking of this idea of polarity last evening with one of my sons. A young man with a trusting heart who at times lacks trust in others. I will surely drop in to see your latest post!

      1. Does this not once again show what a small world we live in when we go down to the core? Inspite of efforts all round to complicate and sow seeds of division and dissensions.


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