WordPress Family Award


Hello my friends- Once again, I would like to thank Colline at Colline’s Blog (http://collinesblog.wordpress.com/) for nominating me for another WordPress Award!

This award acknowledges the bloggers who have had an impact on a blogger’s WordPress blogging  experience.

When I started blogging a year ago this month, I had no idea where this creative journey would take me. I knew that I was committed to the process and writing personal essays was certainly something that came easily to me. I wrote weekly and was satisfied that I had a tiny following. Then one Friday in March, I realized that I wasn’t sure of what my Sunday post would be about. So there I was poking around on WordPress  when I came across Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt!  Because of Kellie’s large audience, I received new followers and great feedback as well for my piece.

The rest is the present. There is no doubt in my mind that Kellie ( Kellie Elmore) was the tipping point for my blog’s growth.  Kellie is a solid supporter of my writing and it is through her weekly prompts that I have developed my writer’s voice.  She is an amazing woman and writer with a heart of gold. Because of her, the following people have been the keeper’s of my flame:

Charlene @ Brighterdays Blog

Maria @ xxculture

Neens @ awritersfountain

Colline @ Colline’s Blog

These women possess their own creative talents and they consistently support my writing. I cannot thank them enough. They keep me motivated and inspired.

I know there are more of you out there! So I send my heart felt thanks to you as well for your support! 🙂 🙂

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