Acadia, Acadia

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A rough hewn beauty

A rocky coast of sheer cliffs

Fallen, red hued boulders

made smooth and slick

by the North Atlantic’s unforgiving surf

Glaciers melted and heaved up pieces of Earth

Towers above the indigo ocean below

Icy still as we shock our bodies with the cold

A fertile ground for lobsters and clams

Those delectable and delicious creatures of the deep

Forest dense with birch, pine and oak

Dotted with flora and fauna

too fragile for our feet

Damp and verdant

Cool to touch

Much like its natatory cousin


Ragged Craggy Jagged

Haphazard Unpredictable Asymmetrical

We scramble, scamper and slide

as we ascend the winding paths to your peaks

Within these hills lie lakes

Eagle Jordan Echo

Serene and Still

A stark contrast to the sea’s roaring waves

Surrounded by bubbles of peaks

Long endless bottomless

Acadia Acadia

We feel your sacred ancientness

in the oversized gems beneath our feet

in the majesty of your pines

in the scent of the briny air

Stories told and untold

Secrets kept and revealed

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