Geographical Escape 3.1: High Summit

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He was at the whim of gravity both on and off the slopes. One afternoon, after finishing work early they hiked up a ravine and skied “The Bowl” until sunset. He had never experienced skiing through the air. He wondered if he would land in one piece. At these heights, he could touch the sky. Fly into blinding beams of light. Escape his demons.

After one particularly long day spent working in Billingsworth, Tom hit the slopes alone. Accelerating into the blackness washed away the detritus of the day. When he approached the parking lot after his runs were done, he noticed a piece of paper on his windshield. “T-join me at the cabin when you’ve finished-G.”

Although he still kept a room at the hotel, he ended up spent many nights at her place. He wanted to keep up appearances. He often left the cabin in the early hours of the morning and used his card key to sneak in the back doors of the hotel.

A visit with Georgia would be the perfect end to his last night before heading home in the morning. He had come to a different level of enjoyment with their assignations. There was a raw coldness to them; nothing tender but still exhilarating.

So it was with surprise and disappointment when he saw another vehicle parked next to hers in the driveway. He didn’t know what to expect when he walked through the door.

The living area was awash in candlelight. And there, at the kitchen island, stood Georgia and another woman. They were sipping wine as he walked in.

“Tom, this is Jenna”, Georgia said. “We met through my husband.”  Both Georgia and her husband, Ian, were professors at the nearby college. She, an instructor in English and American Literature and he, an anthropologist. Georgia had explained to Tom that her husband hated the long winters and would often head to the Amazon River to conduct field research for the season. “We take a bit of a marriage sabbatical and enjoy the company of others during this time.” she told him. Keeps the relationship fresh.”

Jenna had been one of her husband’s field assistants. “Ian introduced me to Jenna because he thought that I would enjoy her as much as he once did. She is a delight”, said Georgia softly as she caressed Jenna’s face. “Take off your clothes and come watch us.”

Tom’s clothes fell to the floor. Georgia led Jenna to the soft rug in front of the roaring fire. There they stood taking taking turns peeling off  each others dresses and jewels. Jenna was the polar opposite of Georgia in physical appearance. Petite, with shoulder length blonde hair. Perky breasts. Slim waist. Delicate, nubile. A nymph.

He sat on the couch, feeling slightly drugged as he watched them pleasure one another in ways that he never imagined women could. He was captivated by what he was witnessing.

Without a word, Georgia stood and brought him to the floor next to Jenna. “See if you can top that.”  He worked his way all over Jenna’s dainty frame. He sampled her as if she were a delicacy. Her responses only furthered his will to please her.

They parted and Tom found himself moving madly to the opening in Georgia’s hips.  Her athletic strength and grip increased his own ecstasy.

The night extended into the early hours of the next day as the three of them tangled and untangled themselves two, and sometimes three at a time. After a final arousal, they fell asleep wrapped in a threesome on Georgia’s bed.

4 thoughts on “Geographical Escape 3.1: High Summit

  1. Wow – and I thought that Tom was greedy! That Georgia and her husband really have a mindset to take the cake and…I won’t even finish the statement – haha – but good going with the ‘unexpected’ concept! 🙂

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