Geographical Escape 2.4: Diving in the Deep End

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He wasted no time checking in. Same place. Same room.  He found his cycling clothes, packed up his energy bars and headed out on the same route. He had no idea if he would see her. He wasn’t one to normally tempt fate-he was too impulsive for that.  He rode and rode, often coming upon other cyclists but never Lauren.

He couldn’t help feeling disappointed as he pulled into the motel’s scrappy and weedy parking lot at sunset. He’d clean up, get a meal at that diner. In the morning maybe he would head over to the shop, see if she is there. If not, he could at least get some information on other bike routes to explore. He couldn’t think of leaving yet.

He smelled her before he saw her. The sweet scent of female sweat. She was relaxing on the bed in the waning light still dressed in her cycling outfit. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail atop her head with little ringlets falling around her face and ears. Her bike leaned against the dresser.

“Room was an easy entry”, she said.  “Just slipped my credit card between the dead bolt and the frame.”  A jolt went through his body. The rush that had been missing these past few weeks was back.  He climbed on her fully clothed, his mouth and tongue together with hers. The taste only energized him as they both attempted to remove the skin tight shorts and tops from themselves. Their bodies were sticky and moist. They reveled in the pungent scents and salty flavors created by the hard riding they had done. He savored the sweetness of her fruit and she was ebullient in response to the feast she laid before him. They moved in and out of one another with ease and vocal enthusiasm.

Darkness had descended when they were finally done. They took turns washing one another in a gentle, sacramental way.  And then hunger and thirst visited them like a wild animal. He wrapped her in a towel, puffed the pillows and ran to the diner for takeout and to the nearby store for beer.

They consumed the food and booze voraciously and then fell into a satiated slumber.  A few hours later he was awakened by the sounds of his own moaning. “I love dessert”, she said.

4 thoughts on “Geographical Escape 2.4: Diving in the Deep End

  1. Is that a good thing or bad? It definitely is a bit edgy for me as I have never written like this in my life. Right now my intent is to really push the main character towards riskier behavior and riskier situations. He is a guy with demons deep within himself and with no conscious way of seeking help. Does that make sense?

    1. Makes perfect sense. It’s reality and since he’s an adulterer (no conscious) you have to keep him in character which has nothing to do with your own morals or beliefs. I knew this episode would be hot, hehe…can’t wait for his next nightmare!

      1. Thanks for the feedback! I have been stewing over this all afternoon! I needed time outside doing yard work to get further into his head. It really helped. Glad you like the raciness of it. Wait until tomorrow’s… 🙂

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