Hitting the Wall


Dragged down by the turmoil of the day

Buried under a list of endless obligations

Squeezed in by deadlines that seem impossible to meet

Choked by noxious paperwork made possible by the local bureaucracy

Another meeting to attend, another survey to take

My mind is overwhelmed by the chaos of events

I am:





        I rub my eyes

            Too tired to speak

I fall asleep in my chair

My bed and dreams await me

My worries gone for the day

                                                Tomorrow I will awaken in the morning mist

Sip my morning coffee

                                                Lace up my shoes

And run my cares away

An Early Morning Ride

The steam rose off the pond

In the early morning chill

Creating an illusion of ghosts

Heading to their daytime slumber

The cold dawn belied the day ahead

with its promise of springtime toastiness

They rode together, two soul sisters

Sharing a sunrise conversation

They were heading to a place of  healing heat

A weekly oasis that stretched their aching muscles

Soothed their souls and cleared their cluttered minds

Their bond was a rock amidst major life changes

A reminder of what matters in life:

A beautiful dawn

Rejuvenating mind and body work

And a loving and lasting friendship

Old Words, New Words*

The young woman with big brown eyes

Born with a glint in her eyes

Always looking

Always questioning

Always laughing

The sun seemed never ending

She was full of romantic notions

and innocence about love

Presented with a trinket

betrothed and full of hope

The older woman with big brown eyes

Always scared

Always questioned

Always somber

She was full of anxiety

and suspicion about love

The rain seemed never-ending

Days, weeks and months

filled with the static of lies and abuse

The free woman

living with a new perspective in her eyes

Always smiling

Always present

Always embracing

Life to its fullest

Many thanks to Kellie Elmore for the Free Write Friday inspiration!