Hitting the Wall


Dragged down by the turmoil of the day

Buried under a list of endless obligations

Squeezed in by deadlines that seem impossible to meet

Choked by noxious paperwork made possible by the local bureaucracy

Another meeting to attend, another survey to take

My mind is overwhelmed by the chaos of events

I am:





        I rub my eyes

            Too tired to speak

I fall asleep in my chair

My bed and dreams await me

My worries gone for the day

                                                Tomorrow I will awaken in the morning mist

Sip my morning coffee

                                                Lace up my shoes

And run my cares away

7 thoughts on “Hitting the Wall

  1. This is totally me this year… My senior year of high school… College visits, applications, homework, tests… So glad this is all coming to an end when I can “run my cares away” 🙂 I hope you will have time to relax too and “awaken in the morning mist” “worries gone for the day”

    1. I understand! For me, this time of year is especially busy because of my job (I am in education). Plus, home life is wonderfully full with a major home improvement project and a son graduating from college in 10 days. I have come to call the month of May “Mayhem”!

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