Old Words, New Words*

The young woman with big brown eyes

Born with a glint in her eyes

Always looking

Always questioning

Always laughing

The sun seemed never ending

She was full of romantic notions

and innocence about love

Presented with a trinket

betrothed and full of hope

The older woman with big brown eyes

Always scared

Always questioned

Always somber

She was full of anxiety

and suspicion about love

The rain seemed never-ending

Days, weeks and months

filled with the static of lies and abuse

The free woman

living with a new perspective in her eyes

Always smiling

Always present

Always embracing

Life to its fullest

Many thanks to Kellie Elmore for the Free Write Friday inspiration!


11 thoughts on “Old Words, New Words*

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      1. I am new to blogging too (Jan 2013) I would never have guessed you were new to poetry though, your poem has such depth and clarity. It is well crafted and a compelling read, hope you keep up the poetry!

      2. I am quite flattered! I will definitely keep it up! Since I started writing poems and publishing them, I have gotten quite a bit of compliments from friends and family. Additionally, my following has grown. I started writing last summer; much for the same reason as you. I felt that if I didn’t write, I was going to burst! Most of my writing has been in the form of personal essays based on observations and my own outrageous and ordinary life experiences.

      3. That’s great to hear, I have always been a poet, generally my published works are poetry, I am trying to expand my writing into different genres, but poetry will remain my first love for always.

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