Things to Remember Redux*


           Anger is a secondary emotion

And when directed at you is not about you

            Pain and Grief don’t last forever

But can give you strength to become a better person

             Shame and Fear can hold you hostage

But shedding these layers leads to enlightenment

                Joy can be found every day

And when experienced in small ways, multiplies

                   Trust is essential

And is the glue that holds all relationships together

                 Pride is sometimes helpful

But hubris can distance you from others

               Wonder and Anticipation can make you feel alive

And attracts others to your inner child

               Kindness and Patience are at times a challenge

But when practiced, lead to healthy relationships

            Hope is at once all we have and sometimes need

And the foundation for faith, peace and love


* Thanks to Kellie Elmore for the Free Write Friday Image Prompt:

I took a lot of liberties with the image this week. It  reminded me that taking a road trip can be a solitary contemplative experience at times. I am heading out on one this weekend with loved ones. It is much needed after this week and even this past month !  And truly, I have used some of these recent experiences as fonder for the poem.

10 thoughts on “Things to Remember Redux*

  1. Loved the read, these lines resonated with me;
    But can give you strength to become a better person

    Shame and Fear can hold you hostage

    You have explored inner turmoil well.

  2. Powerful. I also got that from the image. Whatever is in the mind of the person whose hand is waving over the earth…her thoughts are personal. But universal. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Charles! I actually read it aloud to my family at dinner tonight. It felt like I was saying Grace. I wrote it as a way for centering myself after a particularly challenging week at work. Plus, I was going on a weekend getaway with my love (thus the image prompt was timely). I love your words as well.

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