Thursday Morning

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In the deep darkness just before dawn

She listens to the stone silence

by her bedroom window

The day slowly awakens along with her mind

Early drivers hum along quietly in the distance

Birds begin to chatter

The day shows no promise of sun

with the  misty gray sky standing in sharp contrast

To the deep, deep green of the oaks and maples

The grass is soaked with morning moisture

She breathes deeply

 She looks out from her perch

to the back forty

Two doe are breaking their fast

Tails twitching

Ears alert

Quickly, they stand at attention

Sensing danger, they seem to leap through the air

Seeking shelter and protection elsewhere

She wishes to stay here

away from the noise and clatter of her working day

This is her peace, her shelter, her nirvana

Another deep breath

Morning stretches

A cleansing run

She readies herself for a new day

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