Commence, Beloved.

Hi fellow bloggers!

Yesterday my oldest graduated from college. It was a beautiful spring Saturday full of life-long memories. We enjoyed a large party at the house with friends and family after the event. Festivities lasted until late in the night!

While we were waiting for graduation ceremony to start, his lovely girlfriend share a poem that she posted on her blog: The post, of course is about my son and it is an example of true love and just plain outstanding writing!

Please read it and try not to weep!

Jenn's Journal

He walks fearlessly
Through a world that is not prepared
For the magnitude of him.

Clear eyes, with a heart so pure.
So pure that instinctual habits bred into
Him from a male half his caliber are
Thrown through the windows of his soul
In favor that which The Kind One has painted
Onto it.

His soul so old, ancient in his reasoning.
His future bursting with life because he wills it so.
Exploding in our irises as he outshines his peers.
Responsibility and joy wrapped into the cynicism of
His humor.

He walks fearlessly
Taking a walk that will be remarkably short
Yet four years in length.
No, twenty-two.
His journey from the boy I never knew
To the man I love with all my heart.
His battle to be better
Than the one who came before him.
He already is. He always has been.
The memory of another’s…

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